Monday, October 27, 2014

May 21, 2014--Opening her mission call!!

"Ahhhh!  I can't believe it's actually here!"

Getting ready to open her call!!

After opening the call to Trujillo, Peru!!!

That's one proud Papa!
Now he'll be able to speak in Spanish to her!!

"Wow! Our little girl is all grown up and
going to save Peru!!" (Mom quoting Mushu in "Mulan")

We were so thrilled for her and it just felt right! We had been praying that wherever she was called, she would feel and know that this was her mission! Well, not only did she feel it, but both Landon and I did, too! That was where she was supposed to go! We were all so amazed because she and Spencer were just getting ready to leave (in two weeks) to go to Peru for a 20 day humanitarian trip! They had signed up about 9 months earlier--and it was miraculous how it even worked out that they were going to Peru! Now, it all made sense!

Here she is celebrating in front of the guessing map with all her siblings!
Jennesa and Spencer (17)

Jennesa and Caden (15)

Jennesa and Hunter (13)

Jennesa and Bree (9)

Jennesa and Jarrett (6)

We sure are proud of our big sister!!

It was quite the celebration!

 Here are some of the loved ones who came to join us
on this exciting night!

Giving their "Thumbs up" to Jennesa!

 We love you and know you will be a super missionary!