Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week #16 --Trust, faith, interesting comida (food) :)

Jan. 26, 2015:
We were able to visit the temple this last preparation day! So special! :) I LOVE this picture ofHermana (Sister) Guevara and me! We are so excited to have a temple here in Trujillo! What a blessing for the people here and for the people who are waiting for their work to be done! I seriously have missed the temple so much! I love remembering the amazing feelings and experiences I was able to have in temple in Lima and the temples in Utah! But I cannot wait to go to the Trujillo temple in June!!!! What an exciting time! This work is so special! It is really hard but it is so amazing at the same time! What a blessing that I can be a representative of Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father and help the people here in Trujillo. Many times a day I am reminded of the story of starfish on the beach...the man who is throwing them back into the ocean one by one. Someone makes the comment...there is no way you can save all the starfish...but we can try our best...right?! Sometimes I get discouraged with all the work we still have and the people who aren´t progressing...but I need to remember this! :)

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Photo of Jennesa playing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" at a baptismal service last Saturday (her companion is holding her music).

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Dear amazingly, marviollso familia y amigos (marvelous family and friends) !!!

Oh how I love getting to write you! I am always amazed at the support I have...thank you all! :) I got some more mail this week!!!! From Mimi y Papa, Welch´s (earmuffs, possibly for Junio[June] or Julio [July] ;)), and Marissa Brunner!!! Muchos Gracias a todos (Thank you all so much) !!!!

This week was a tough one for sure but we did see some neat miracles as well. It was really hard this week because we had a really exciting lesson with one of our investigators, Gissela. She was excited for her marriage and we even set a date-Feb. 20...she even said her husband was softening his heart some and being more willing to be married. We were really excited! We went back the next morning to tell her about the time and place of the wedding this past weekend so she could see how it was...but as we walked up to their apartment complex...we saw all their things out on the was really odd. There were two police cars. When I noticed that all the things were theirs...I gasped and said...Gissela! Luckily the policemen didn´t hear me. Hna. G (Sister Guevara) told me to just follow her, so we just walked past. We watched from a distance and we could see her future husband, Joe moving the things from the sidewalk inside. We were really worried. Later that day we went back and were ringing their doorbell when one of their neighbors saw us and informed us that they didn´t live there anymore! We were shocked! And to make it worse...Gissela didn´t have a cellphone at that time. We think she got a new one and we have been trying to contact her but she doesn´t answer or respond. We are so heartbroken. This is a time when we have to really trust in the Lord´s plan for us and for our investigators. It is sure hard sometimes. 

We were able to help with a wedding and two baptisms this last Sabado (Saturday), though! What a blessing! We helped with decorations and food for the wedding in the morning and then for the baptism I was able to play my violin, "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul"! I LOVE this song so much! What a blessing to have the music! We also helped with the reception in the evening! 

Pretty neat how Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. We had asked a member to come to one of our lessons. He has a taxi so we were waiting for him but he was really late. We were bummed because the family we had a lesson with was only available from the time he picked us up and we got there we had about 5 minutes. But....we were able to talk a little bit about temples...Victor (amazing member) was able to share his testimony...and at the end when Jaime (menos activo [less active]) mentioned that his daughter was still sick (2 anos [2 years old]) Victor offered right away to give her a blessing! So amazing! Jaime jumped right up and brought her in the room...she was sleeping! Really neat experience! And Victor helped jump Jaime´s car tambien (too)! What a neat experience! Members are the best! 

-Oh my heavens tabetsy! It is SOOOOO hot! My neck...oh my dearest...and my face! I´m pretty much just a raccoon! 
-Mosquitos are a part of my life here...a family had a little fiesta (party) on my ankle...I have about 5 on my ankle! :(
-On Tuesday I ate SHARK!!! Isn´t that crazy?! 
-Wednesday-ate a chicken toe...I was offered a whole foot...but I just tried a toe! :/ Interesante(Interesting)! 

-Uggghhh...we have this member who always laughs at my lovely Spanish! He comes to church sometimes...but anyway...when we talked to him he my companion...I don´t understand her...why is she speaking English? Basically! Oh my heavens! He really tests my patience and I kind of have to remind myself that I am a that I´m nice and smiley! :)
-This sweet member of our ward has cancer and she is bedridden. We with Hna. (Sister) Mathis andHna. (Sister) Ascencio were able to go and visit with her yesterday. We were able to sing her two favorite hymns and I was able to accompany on my violin! So special! What a neat spirit! 

I love you all soooooooooooooooooooo much! I hope you remember that you are special and that Heavenly Father has a plan for you personally!
Hermana Coleman :D

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #15--El Templo!!!!!!! "girl version of Clark Kent", and ya gotta love toes!

Jan. 19, 2015!!
The first little written part came second with the photo . . . her main letter is below the photo.  Enjoy!

*One of her Spanish teachers in the Missionary Training Center told her that learning Spanish is like watching your fingernails grow . . . thus her reference to "My fingernails are growing!"--She is feeling some good progress with the language.  :)


We were able to go to the Huaca de el Sol and Huaca de la Luna this last week for Preparation-day as a zone! It was really dusty and windy and pretty hot...but fun to be together and to have fun together! The ruins were kind of interesting too! The cool thing was I was kind of able to understand the tour guide! ha ha! My fingernails are growing! poco a poco! (little by little) Pictures take so long to I get to keep typing to you! Whooo Hoooo! I am so grateful for you all! What a blessing it is to feel the love and prayers from you all! 

Oh, I forgot these things in my email....HAPPY B-DAY GRAMMIE!!!!! (yesterday) I sure love you! And I'm kind of freaking out that Caden is going to be 16 on Wed! No way Jose! Kind of crazy! I sure hope you have so much fun dating good girls and driving the green bean! When do you get your license? So much fun but kind of crazy sauce! Please don't grow up too fast...all of you! 

This pic is taking so long to load! :( I´m about to just cancel´s not even that worth it...selfie with the ruins! oh whooo hooo! Loves!

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Dear amazing familia y amigos (family and friends) !!!!

How is everyone? I hope you are all doing so great! I sure love you all and appreciate your prayers and support!

Okie dokie......DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......We finally have the dedication date for the temple!!!!!!!!! 21st of June!!!!!! Holy exciting! The doors will be open for all people 8 May-30 May! Sooooo exciting! What a blessing! The sad thing is that Hna. (Sister) Guevara (her current companion and trainer) ends her mission the week before 21 June! :( 

This week was another week...most times I sit down at the computer to email and I am like...que en el mundo (what in the world)...what did we do this week...time is so interesting on the mission...sometimes time is like a little turtle and other times it flies! So crazy! Another Preparation-day...what? Wow! That's all I can say! 

We were able to have interviews with President Marler (Mission President) this week! So special! I am always so amazed at how President Marler is so in tune with the my interview I heard things that I really needed to hear and it was so special! What an incredible man...a third father...Presidente Marler is to me! I have also been called as an English tutor for my I need to think of some fun ways I can help motivate the latinos (Latins) in my district with their English books and tests! Posiblemente galletas! (Possibly cookies) :) 

We were able to contact a lot of people this the parks...the taxi drivers...etc! We were able to have lots of lessons with miembros (members of the Church) this week too...which was great! 

OK I have a story and it is kind of a sad story...but it has a good lesson at the end...:)
Friday night I probably taught the worst lesson I have ever taught. It was REALLY frustrating...because we didn´t communicate as a companionship, my Spanish was horrible, it was super hot-I was sweating up a storm, one of our investigators was falling asleep and uggggghhhh! Nothing was making sense...the spirit wasn't there. I went the wrong way in the lesson...teaching things to investigators that they had no idea about and to make it even worse our member present...awesome 16 year old girl...who I love! :) she followed my lead! :( Anyway...afterwards I was really let down and frustrated and Hna. Guevara asked why I had taught what I had taught and it was honestly just kind of like a slap in the face...especially when you know you have made a huge mistake and then someone tells you once again! I was really struggling...I went into the lovely bathroom before our planning session and let it out...cried for a few minutes...then as I was washing my hands...I realized I am here in Peru for a reason...I am here to be an instrument in the hands of my Savior to teach my brothers and sisters who need the gospel. I prayed really hard for the Spirit to be with me as I planned and for me to be humble and to accept criticism humbly. The change was AMAZING! Hna. Guevara and I were able to talk things out...calmly and humbly and we were able to have the spirit with us as we planned! Whew...when we go through tough times...we can choose how we are affected by it. I am not very good at this...but it is neat to see some small progression.

-So I have lovely ingrown toenails and they have been bugging me lately...they are really yesterday I had an "interview" with Presidente and he dug into my toes and tried to remove the problem part of my toenail that was causing the inflammation. Oh buddy...let's just say my toes are a little sore this morning. 
-One night...Hna. G and I were really hungry so we each bought 4 big bananas for 1 sol (~ 3 soles to 1 U.S. dollar)! Gotta love it! 
-Hna. Cecilia went to the Young Adult Noche de Hogar last night!!!!! Whoooo Hoooooo!
-MAIL!!!!!!!! from: Grammie y Grandpa (package), Orchard 4th y 10th ward cub scouts, Grundvigs (package), Elder Spackman (letter), Bishopric (letter) GRACIAS!!!!! MAIL IS GOLD HERE!!!! 
-Oh buddy! I have a really bad tan line/sunburn on my neck! 
-Oh cold showers...our heater stopped working! Luckily it has been hot lately! :)

-So I'm not sure why but Pres. Marler has made many comments about my hair...cuz I never wear it when I do he makes a big deal about it. I wore it down for my interview on Tues...just for him. As I was leaving my interview he told me that i was like a girl version of Clark Kent...take out the ponytail and take off the glasses and walaa! ha ha! Gotta love Pres!
-Studied about the reunion of the sons of Mosiah and Alma today! Loved it! Ch 17...especially verse 5 because we need hard times to make us stronger and good missionaries! I love thinking about my friends and family out serving along with me! :)

Love you all so stinkin much!!!!
Hermana Coleman :D

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #14--Learning how to fly, sticky note fun, ejercisios?

 Happy New Years!
Holy Smokes...I cannot believe that it is 2015! Spence is going to graduate this year...que en el mundo (what in the world)...and leave on a mission...this is my peruvian year...Caden is going to be a dating and driving machine ;), Bree is going to be in 4th grade!!, Jogi...baptized!!!!!!, Hunt...a teacher!!!!, and mom and dad amazing as ever!!! 

Inline image 1

This picture is celebrating on New Year's with
Hermana Guevara in their apartment!!

Inline image 1

 Our package from the marvelous Orchard 13th Ward! When Hna. (Sister) Guevara found out that they had sent 2 of everything...she was so excited and amazed! She loved reading all the quotes and cute notes! And we LOVED all the treats! Oh buddy! So yummy! What an amazing love and support! GRACIAS...GRACIAS...GRACIAS!!! Packages are pure gold...what a fun surprise! This picture basically sums it all up! 

Inline image 2

 Christmas Eve! Gotta love our pjs! Mine match REALLY well...but I had to wear my christmas turtle neck! :D There were lots of fireworks we were able to watch from our window! Pretty neat to have Christmas in the mission...interesting...because Christmas is really about Christ and relationships...not things! 

Dear Amazingly Wonderful and Marvilloso Familia y Amigos (marvelous family and friends)! 

I sure do love you all so much! :) I just want to thank you once again for all support and prayers! I can sure feel them helping and pushing me along. 

This week was better...we were able to have a fun Districto BBQ on Mon. and of course on our burgers we had a fried egg...because that is just how you do it down here in good ole Peru! ;) So yummy...but really unhealthy! 

We were able to have a neat experience with an investigator, Maria. She lives in Contadores...which is a more dangerous and poor area of our area. It is pretty far from where we live too. Anyways we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Night) planned for Tues. night...but we were running really late...Hna. Guevara was thinking it would be too dangerous for us to go only because we would have to walk a ways to get to the main road to get a taxi back and because I would have my violin cuz they really wanted me to bring it! :) I really thought we should go...but wasn`t sure after all the thoughts about danger, etc. So in our room I said a prayer and really felt like we should go and that she would be in her house...because sometimes she isn`t...I tried my best to voice my idea and thoughts to Hna. Guevara which is kind of hard in these situations...but she understood and so we went with a taxi and I was literally praying the whole time we were driving...and what a miracle...but they were home and waiting for us! They thought we had forgotten about them! Oh I forgot to mention that she doesnt have a cell phone so it is even harder to check if she is home or not...anyway...we were able to have a quick thought with them, violin, and then we asked Maria to say the closing prayer...and it was INCREDIBLE! Hna. Guevara told her to include all her feelings and she really TALKED with Heavenly Father! It was all worth it in that moment! And to put the cherry on the cake...we didn`t have to walk in the dangerous part to the main road because Maria offered to drive us back in her mototaxi! Heavenly Father is so involved in our lives! Sorry if that was really confusing! Spanish and English are mixing in my mind and I`m trying to type fast! :) Gotta love it! 

One of our investigators, Teresa, has been taking care of her mom for 6 years. Her mom is bedridden and she is so frail...but Teresa is so kind and selfless. It is really tough, because of this she can´t attend church...but we were able to visit her and I told her that I really hope I can be as good of a daughter as she is! :) What a good example of service! 

I actually left the coop and flew for a little bit this week! :) I missed my madre...but all was well! We did a work visit with Hna. (abreviation for Sister) Ascencio and Hna. Mathis! So I went and worked in their area with Hna. Ascencio! It was hard...but neat! I was able to learn some really good tips from her and she made me feel so good and was so patient with me!

Oh my heavens! So one of the referrals from Bro. Chu-Jon...Cecilia is in my area! And we have been to her house 3 times! She is so kind to us and I feel like she is warming up to us! We left a heart of sticky notes on her door! :) What a miracle that she is actually in my area of all of Trujillo!  

-We have been leaving lots of sticky notes on peoples doors...with fun quotes and smiley faces on them! 
-Oh my! We have run to about 3 of our meetings because our lessons go long...we always laugh and say...well more ejercisios! (exercises) :) I guess I did XC for a reason! ;)
-the video "El arbol en tu camino" (The Tree in your Path) is amazing! I think it takes place in neat! Watch it!
-Found sweet note from Jeni Smith in my pencils from her greenie package she sent months ago...found it during a hard moment! :)
-Chinese food from Hna. Licha! Yummy!
-Laundry craziness! 

-While buying ice cream-it was called sin parar (without stopping)....but I called it "sin pagar" (without paying) ok...I guess its free! thanks! :)
-We have a referral named Lorenzo Morales...during planning...Hna G said...ok...Lorenzo Snow! :)
-Alma 14-what a neat chapter about Alma and Amulek...whenever I am having a bad day I just need to remember them and their "bad days" on their mission. I cannot even imagine. We need to remember Heavenly Father and the Lord in our trials because they always remember us! :)

I love you all so much! Remember that Heavenly Father is our Father and He is so loving! :) 
Keep smiling!
Hermana Coleman :D

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week #13--Wow! A PERUVIAN year!!! :D

Dear incredible familia y amigos! :)

I sure miss you all and am so grateful for all the fun memories we have had together! Thanks again for all the support and amazing love and prayers tambien (too)! :)

This week was tough...but whew...what a blessing the Lord and fasting is! I have really been overwhelmed and frustrated with the language during the last week and it has been tough...but I just have to remember poco a poco (little by little) and that Jesus Christ knows exactly what I am going through and that Heavenly Father sends angels to be with us on our right and on our left to buoy and lift us up! HE NEVER LEAVES US ALONE!! What a comforting fact...because at times I feel kind of alone down here in Peru...but with Heavenly Father we are NEVER alone! 

So it has been really tough with our investigatores lately because none of them are really progressing...they say they will do things but then don't really end up doing them. So we are really learning the virtue of pacienca (patience)! We have started teaching Karen all the lessons over that she can really understand them and gain a testimony...because we realized she doesn't have one. I was able to basically lay it down for her that this is her decision...we can bear our testimonies over and over but she needs to pray for herself and find out for herself. 

We were able to teach a new investigator, Kimberly. She is 12 and her dad passed away only 2 months ago. She is very sweet and I feel this connection with her already...we invited her to church yesterday and we even went to pick her up but she wasn't home...none of our investigators came yesterday. We were really feeling down and out...but I was able to have a really neat experience during sacrament meeting. I realized that EVERYONE is important...I had to look around me and realize that even though none of our investigators were there lots of other souls were there! And that we could not give up on our investigators! :) What a blessing that fast Sunday was yesterday too! During my studies yesterday morning this was my entry in my study journal:
Alma 9:6
¨And they said Who is God, that sendeth no more authority than one man (or two girls) among this people, to declare unto them the truth of such great and marvelous things (question mark)¨
Wow! I love how each time I read the LDM (The Book of Mormon) different things pop out at me. I love this verse because the people of Ammonihah are doubting the power Alma has as a missionary...but I realized that our Heavenly Father wants to spread his message of the gospel by those who are humble and contrite and in simple ways as well. By small and simple things...great things come to pass! As a missionary I cannot doubt my calling...even though the language is really hard and it is so frustrating when people don't understand what I am trying to teach them...I have my testimony! I KNOW this is the true church of jusus christ. I cannot forget that this knowledge and light is all I need. I cannot let others make me doubt my authority that god has given to me to teach the people of trujillo, peru! 

-I am now a true peruvian because I now crave planeton!!!! :) So stinkin good!
-My neck is a ¨little¨ sunburned
-My new phrase is OY!
-No coin jar! :(...the people here won't be able to change my coins for peruvian i guess i'll just keep collecting! 

-I found this note in my scriptures:
¨Hna. Coleman
Love you!!! :D
Cada dia se aprende diferentes cosas pero usted aprenda solo escuchar al Espiritu es muy dificil pero en la mision eso es el idioma que todo los misioneros entendemos:
Feliz Ano Nuevo y que en este ano todo sea lo mejor:  ATT: Hna. Guevara (madre)¨ Translated--"Sister Coleman, Love you!!! :D Every day you learn different things but you learn to listent to the Spirit of God.  It is difficult, but in missionary work the Spirit of God is the language that all missionaries understand.  Happy New Year and may this be the best year ever!  Sister Guevara (mother/trainer)"
--Sleep talk in Spanish (I guess I was inviting and promising about the blessings of baptism in my if i can do that in real life!)
-Sangudos (mosquitos)...our best friends! We both have more bites! AAAAhh! Esta bien! No se preocupais (don't worry about us)! :)

Familia (Family)!!!
How was Spence's surgery
I would love a paragraph about everyones christmas break!!!! 
Jarrett! I loved your email!
Skype afterwards was a little tough but I was so grateful for that time with you all! loved it!
we have cell phones...we see our district twice a week...pdays and meetings...mission home 10 minutes away in taxi, it varies how often we see them...once a month if not more.
Love you all so much!

If possible could you email me the talk Cerrad Vuestros Corazones (Lock Your Hearts)-Pres. Spencer W. kimball...but in English

Love you all so much! You are all so great! :)
Hermana Coleman :D

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


A little overview of our skype session to music!!

The chicken foot snack story!!!

It was soooo fun to be able to SEE and talk with Jennesa on Christmas!  We were grateful to hear that she was feeling a little better!  She told us some fun things about Peru, and we all laughed together, and then we all cried, and then we laughed and cried!  It was so incredible and absolutely filled our hearts to get to talk with her!  We are sure proud of her and how hard she is working and how optimistic she is being!
This was the best Christmas present ever!
Sure love you, Hermana Coleman!  Keep up the great work!!  Adios!!!

This is a picture of when we got to talk with Hermana Guevara, too!  We were excited to get to thank her for the kindness and love she showed to Jennesa when she took care of her while she was sick!  What sweet companions they are!  
We felt so grateful to her for her love to Jennesa!!
Tender mercies from our Heavenly Father!