Monday, July 27, 2015

CAMBIOS (Changes/Transfers)...fruits...talents...God's

July 27, 2015:

Wow! Wonderful family and is yet again Monday..que rado?! :D

Wow! Cambios were yesterday and lets just say that I am very sad to leave the sweet people of Laredo...I have grown to love them so very much and am so very grateful for the many ways in which they have touched my life. It is really hard to leave with so many fruits about to become ripe for the harvest...but I know that this is the Lord's plan for me and I have been praying for trust in His plan for me. What a blessing that He has a plan for each one of us! Wow! Centenario 2 will always have a very special place in my heart. I am sure going to miss Hna. Maydana also...what a great hijita she was...she seriously taught me so much and it was such a miracle to watch her open up her heart to finally let me in. Goodbyes are so hard and tiring...but what a blessing to know that someday we WILL see each other again! are all probably wondering where I am headed...I have been called to serve in the Center of Trujillo (the city)...Zona Central...what a be closer to Pres and Hna. Marler...the temple...etc! And I am excited to get to know my new companion...Hna. Nelson better! She actually worked with Mimi in the Boise Idaho Temple before she came! What a small world! So today I am trying to pack up my things...say my goodbyes...write notes to tons of people that are SO special to me...etc! Whew! 
Last time playing soccer with her Porvenir Zone
since she is being transferred tomorrow!

All the Hermanas in their apartment and zone wearing their Zone shirts...Jennesa is 18 for "18 months serving the Lord!!"

This week was tough...we have been working with Juana Amaranto and her daughter Stefany to be baptized on the 29th but so many things happened...that prevented them from making it to their date. It was such a rollercoaster week of emotions. Juana's mom is very sick and is in the basically all this week she was in Trujillo either working or helping/taking care of her mom in the hospital. So we weren't able to teach her or meet with her. We passed by so many times, we called and in more than one moment we thought that she would still be able to be baptized on Wed...we were so excited and we were going to meet with her early yesterday morning to help get her ready for her baptismal interview after church...but we went there and she wasn't odd...because we made the appointment with her. And then all of her family didn't come to we are going to have to invite her for another date. So sad...what a tough way to realize that the Lord's timing isn't our timing. 

We were able to have some fun activities this week though! We had a ward potluck that the Relief Society put on and then the Stake Talent Show! Which was way fun! Pres. Marler, Hna. Marler and one of their daughters with her family came to watch! As a zone we sang "Oh Elderes de Israel" occapella...with a cool beat that we all did by hitting our chests, snapping, then clapping...creating a neat beat! It was super fun! :) As a ward...we acted like those crazy gringos ;D..and watched our youth dance some Latin dances. And I also was able to play my violin! :D So much fun!

Jennesa and Hermana Maydana with Hermana Irma
(the Elder's pensionista)!

-Totally learned some sweet dance better words how to dance some of the Marinera...which is the dance of Trujillo. Our teacher was a cute 9 year old girl who is so sassy but fun! :) We also got our nails painted there...(the pensionista de los elderes) Hna. Irma and her daughter! They are the best!
-DAD!!!!! The husband of the lady who washes our clothes (Carmen)...well her husband (Hector) he used to live in Argentina...and guess who was his bishop?...Daniel Cardus!!!!! Can you believe that?! What a small world?
-Received a package...and letters!!!!! Thanks so much Aunt Sally!!!! Gold fish!! Holy Cow! Best ever! :) You rock!

-Journal blurb: "With Carmen Hernandez (referral from the hermanas that we live with...she was their moto driver!...she is seriously golden)...we were able to invite her to be baptized and to aim for 22 de agosto...she didn't accept the fecha but she said she would ask in faith and study her Book of Mormon. She was so entruiged by the LDM and it was the first time she had learned that we lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ before this life. So special! She really has such a special spirit about her! Most people in Peru don't smile a ton...but her smile is probably the most beautiful smile I have seen thus far...well one of them! :D"
-In one of our lessons...we were teaching the Word of Wisdom...and our member present...shared his experience and he said..."y los drogas...yo se que son ricos...pero..." (and drugs...I know they're really good...but)...jaja! 

I found this quote this week...which I LOVE!!!
"Sisters (brothers :)), we belong. We are loved. We are needed. We have a divine purpose, work, place, and role in the Church and kingdom of God and in His eternal family. Do you know deep in your heart that your Heavenly Father loves you and desires you and those you love to be with HIm? Just as "Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ are perfect...,Their hopes for us are perfect." Their plan for us is perfect, and Their promises are sure." -Sister Carole M. Stephens (1st counselor in RS General Pres.)

Wow! Sure love you all! What adventures are about to happen! 
Hermana Coleman :D

Ugliest legs ever :D, Multizona, Wilfredo! :)

July 20, 2015:

Dearest Family and Friends!!!! :D

Well this week definitley had it's ups and downs...just like life. We sure were able to see some amazing miracles though. What a fun surprise to have Hna. Marler and Elder Bond at our District Meeting this past Martes (Tuesday)! So nice to be able to talk with Hna. Marler (Mission President's wife)...I sure do love her hugs and being able to hear her speak and enlighten us! :D

We were able to have a wonderful Multi Zone Conference on Wed! What a blessing to be able to hear from Pres. Marler and his sweet wife and to be able to learn more and become more motivated to work and give my all in this great work. 

We were able to search out and finally find this family of about 8 people who are in the old ward directory of Barrio Jazmines. The Pelaez family. The dad, Wilfredo is sure an interesting character. He is 71 years old and his wife passed away about 20 years ago. They were all baptized in the late 80's, early 90's and they are all less active now. He fell into drinking and his life is very sad and he lives in very very humble circumstances. But his heart is so big and loving! We seriously love him! :D He always welcomes us into his humble little adobe house and offers us the only chairs he has...then he sits on the cinder blocks he has or a big tree branch. We were able to give him a pic of Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) and he was very grateful...but then he started praying to it!  :/ Welp...we knew that we needed to refresh the steps of a prayer with him. Well...this last week he was wanting to come to church and told us that he would be there at 8:30...expecting us to be waiting for him in the entrance...but he never showed up...then on Monday or Tuesday he called us..."mentirosas!"...or liars because we weren't there. Turns out he showed up at 9:30 expecting us to be in the entrance...but when we weren't he didn't even try to come in. Bummer...but this Sunday...yesterday...we were able to pick him up for church! So cute...he was all ready...with a clean shirt on and nice shoes...with his jeans and leather jacket...but he really did look nice. While we were walking to call a moto taxi...Hna. Maydana had her last pan (bread) from breakfast and she asked him if he had eaten...he really probably doesn't eat half the he was really excited about her meat sandwich for breakfast! He was so excited...with his LDM (Libro de Mormon--Book of Mormon) that we had given him with all the folletos (pamphlets) inside of it and his pic of Jesus! The members were so loving and welcoming! It really was a special day! :) Then we were able to have a lesson with him, after church. He LOVES to talk and talks a ton...but he said such an amazing prayer afterwards! Wow! 

This week has been really tough with my patience...and my humility...but Hna. Maydana and I are working together to make things work better!

We are working with Juana and her daughter Stefany...towards there baptism date the 29th of this month! Whooo Hoooo! Lots of prayers for Juana and Stefany please. Kind of really nerve-racking because cambios or transfers are the 28th and I have the longest time here of the hermanas in my zone. I LOVE Laredo so much...but what a blessing that the Lord has a plan for each of us and we can trust in Him.

Jennesa and Hermana Maydana loved
the granola bars from the package!!

-Okie dokie...I seriously think I have the ugliest legs ever...but what the hay! :D I counted and I officially have 69 bites on my legs...from when I last counted...and we have been playing soccer as a zone early in the mornings and now I have a nice purple and blue bruise on the side of my knee too! jaja! Gotta love it! (Don't worry mom...I have cream that I am starting to put on...I think they might be flea bites because they are different than my mosquito bites! Repellant isn't really working...and I am trying tights too!) 

-So we were teaching Christian Minchola (9)...with his family and as Hna. Maydana was teaching about the things we came down on Earth to do...or it might have been when Jesus was on the Earth...(things about his life). Welp...Erik (Christian's little brother) jumped right in and loudly asked, "Jeus tuvo una novia?!" (Jesus had a girlfriend?!" jaja! Oh my heavens! He definitley heard wrong...but we sure had a good laugh! He's 7! :)
-I sure love the song...Mountains to Climb! Look it up! It is so much fun and I love listening to it on P-days! The lyrics are great too! Oh and thanks so much for The Race poem mom! I shared it with the hermanas (Sister missionaries) in our room! Love it!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Coleman :D

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Multi-Zone Conference with four Zones, Esperanza, Este, Porvenir and Sierra.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015:

Sitting together before their training.  Jennesa and Hermana Maydana giving a "thumbs-up"!

The entire group of missionaries at the conference!
What great servants of the Lord in Peru!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week #40 -- 9 MONTHS!!!!! :D, cambio en Julio, WILLIAN!

July 13, 2015:

Dear incredibly amazing fam and friends! 

Sure love you all to pieces! :) Oh my heavens Mom! Thanks so much for the fun 1/2 way package! So much fun...we are still enjoying the yummy goodies...and holy cow...I just got ANOTHER package from you all this morning...with the cutest shirts, headbands, scrumptious granola bars that I am going to cherish, pics, and notes! I have the bestest family ever!!!! :D

Wow! So crazy...but this week I hit my half-way mark...9 months! Wow! Definitely a time to ponder and think about the wonderful  and not so wonderful experiences I have had so far in this adventure and special time in my life and what I have learned from them all. It also was a time to! I only have 9 months left to give my all...every little bit of myself to the Lord in this wonderful work! What a blessing this time is. Something that stuck with me that I heard this last that the mission is like the CCM (Missionary Training Center) of your! So true! We are preparing to be strong members who are ready to fight against Satan and stand strong...because this life is not easy and it is not going to be. An interesting thought.


 A funny tradition they have in Peru for the sisters when they hit their half way mark--9 months!! :-)  Here is Jennesa with her 9 months pictures!! :-)

Mom! I loved the "Half"-way package you sent me!! (We cut everything in half!)  You just "half" to laugh at that! :-)

We were able to have a good Capacitacion de Zona (Zone Training Meeting) this past Martes (Tuesday). We were able to get pumped up and more motivated to strive to be consecrated missionaries and to really give our all and our everything to the Lord at this time! 

We were able to fast on Thursday for a hermana (Sister/female) that the Elders are teaching and also for some of our investigatores (investigators) who are really on our of them is Julio Ramirez...he is 56ish years old and his wife and three sons and daughter are all members. His daughter is less active...but his son is a returned missionary and is sealed in the temple, one of his sons is on his mission, and the other is 10 and is very strong and active with his mom. Anyway...Julio is set on getting baptized when his son, Jaime, returns home from his mission. (So that his son can baptize him....his son will return home in April). We have told him many times how special it will be if he is baptized now so that when his son comes home they will be able to soon after be sealed in the temple as a family! :) But he wasn't praying to find out for himself. He knows in his mind that it's true...but I think he might be a little scared to receive an answer to act on it. His wife is so faithful and patient with him and his whole family is trying to help him. Yesterday we were able to have a wonderful experience with him...we were once again talking about his baptism...and I remembered that when Hna. Sarat was converted the missionaries told her to go to her room directly and pray on her knees...I had always thought that was a bit direct of them...but it came to my mind as a prompting. So we invited him as representatives of Jesus Christ to go directly to his room after we left and kneel and pray with all his heart to find out from Heavenly Father what the answer was. His whole face was incredible and he told us he would. We are praying and so hoping that he did just that and received an answer from our Father in Heaven that this is the right path for him! :)

Whoooo Hoooooo! This Sunday we were able to have an Alma Rescitada (when a less active member has all the lessons and is assisting church regularly...equal to a baptism)....Willian Minchola! :) He came to church all three hours! :) So great! We are working with him now to work up to be able to baptize his 9 year old son! :) He is such a humble and wonderful man! :)

-Both me and Hna. Maydana have weird bites on one of our legs...I have bites that look like fleas...or something...different than my mosquito ones I had before...and poor Hna. Maydana is enjoying the lovelynewby bites...remember my lovely fotos (photos) and stories about my bites? I am hoping the creams I have will help her! 
-Our lovely shower...switches from warm to super cold...and you always know when it's coming because the bathroom light gets brighter when it is about it get really cold! And goes dim when it is about to get nice and warm! jaja! (ha ha) Gotta love it! :D
-The road in front of our apartment is all torn up because they are putting new water pipes in...reminds me of NSL! :)

-We are able to laugh a lot with the other two hermanas who live with us...Hermana Smith and Hermana Pineda!
-So about the torn up road...we were returning home from proselyting one night and Hna. Maydana accidentally dropped her water bottle down into the great big I went on the rescue for her...and we were able to rescue her water bottle! jaja! little adventure...little dirt in my shoes! :)
-So incredible! This week Hna. Maydana was trying to talk to her family on the phone because she was only able to talk to them for 15 minutes on Mother's Day (it's a different day in Bolivia)...she was trying to get the cell phone to connect for about an hour and nothing was working...she was getting discouraged...I didn't know how to help her to I sat on my bed and said a prayer and right when I said amen in my head...I heard her say..."Mamita?!...Mama?!" was incredible! Prayer works!!!! :D anyway it was very sweet and tender...and afterwards she totally opened up to me and told me about her sweet family and we were really able to bond. She has always been very quiet about her life before the mission and her family so this was so special! An amazing answer to my prayers! 

I learned the word for tender mercies this week during my studies..."tiernas misericordias"...I LOVE IT! I invite each one of you to look for the tender mercies in your lives this week! Look for and RECOGNIZE the sunbursts in your life! And ENJOY and RECORD them! 

Hermana Coleman :D 

This is her wall with all the pictures
Bree, Jarrett and others have sent her!

"I sure love my picture wall!" :-)

Week #39 -- "Wow! You have the same eyes as Jesus!", surprise facials, TALENTOS, y fires :)

July 6, 2015:

Inline image 1Inline image 2Inline image 3

Jennesa's captions for the photos

Photo 1) I want to send more...but my computer is really slow...I will try in a bit! We were able to have a fun SHOW DE TALENTOS (talent show) ! As a ward activity...and boy does the Centenario ward have talent! So fun! :) I was able to play some of "Millonares Hoedown"...thanks for the music mom! Luckily it doesn't really matter...because I wasn't able to practice and it didn't sound to good! But ah well! :)

Photo 2) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! We made sure to celebrate! We ate some ice cream to fill in the cracks of our stomaches...cuz we were stuffed...but we started our fast it was totally worth it! I drew a nice American flag in my planner too! Hope you all had a good one and enjoyed the fireworks for me!

Photo 3)  I LOVE THIS! Hna. Guevara gave it to me in all the stuff she left for me! So stinkin cute! :) (rough translation--"Anything worth having is worth fighting for!")

My incredible family and friends! 

Just sayin' I love you all a bunch and a half! Thanks again for all your support and love...I sure need it and LOVE it! :) You all don't know how much I love your emails, letters, and packages! Thanks for making me smile! :D

Wow...the weeks just keep passing...I really can't believe that I will hit my 9 month mark tomorrow. I have had a couple of really emotional prayers...with the thought that my mission is already half way over...but with the joys and feelings of comfort that I get to become better in these next 9 months! :) 

I have been learning how to better "talk" with my Heavenly Father through my prayers...and I LOVE IT! It really is so special and I feel so much closer to Him when I am able to let out all my feelings and that He understands me COMPLETELY! :) 

Hna. Maydana and I were able to receive some packages from Hna. Guevara this past week! So fun to hear from "my mom" (First companion in the mission field/trainer) and Hna. Maydana's "grandma"! :) 

We were able to have an awesome activity this past viernes (Friday) with our ward...un SHOW DE TALENTOS (talent show)! It was a little frustrating because it was supposed to start at 6:30...but it ended up starting at 8:15...ay ay ay! So we had to leave during the show...but what we saw was amazing! So fun to see the excitement of the members and the investigators! 

Yesterday was really tough...we made many plans in how we could help people get to church...we called...we passed by to remind...and tried to pick them up...and everything fell through. We were really bummed...and during the Sacrament I was feeling really hard it is to work so hard and not be able to see any of the fruits of your labors...but during my prayer to end my fast after church...I realized that Jesus Christ, my Savior, worked his whole life...and He wasn't able to see all the fruits of his labors...his own people turned against Him. 

Then while talking to Hna. Maydana about how we were feeling...she reminded me about Joseph Smith tambien (too). How he gave his whole life for the gospel and he wasn't able to see many of the fruits. What a comfort! It is the patience that counts and the diligence to keep working and to keep striving! :) As you always reminded me, dad! :) the questions for a temple reccomend it doesn't say "Are you perfect ...?" it says "Are you striving ...?" I LOVE IT! :)

So as I told you last week...we were able to be blessed with 11 lessons with members present...and this week we almost ended up the with same problem...but a miracle took place! So last night we got back from a training for ward councils at about 8:15 and we had 11 lessons at this point...and we had a lesson scheduled with Anita...a cute 19 year old mom who is a converso reciente (recent convert)! mind was reeling...trying to think of how we could make our goal. We tried inviting a member but they weren't I took a deep breath and we had a good lesson with Anita...then as we were getting ready to say the closing prayer...Obispo (Bishop) Monzon...he was the old bishop (father in law of Anita)...told us he had a friend that he wanted to present to us. His sister in law was there and wanted to know more about Jesus. We were so excited to we were able to have her join us for the prayer and we were able to explain about prayer and the parts of a prayer! So neat! So we were actually able to have 12 lessons with members! So incredible how Heavenly Father works! :) What a blessing! 

-A sweet man in the street...who was a little drunk...told me..."Wow! You have the same eyes as Jesus!" I laughed...but as I'm thinking about it now...I need to TRY and have the same eyes as see people the way HE would.
-Wow!!! Don't know if you guys remember Michelle? The 13 year old girl whose grandma didn't want us to call her hermana? She lives in my old area...during my time with Hna. Huayton...but anyway! I found out that she was BAPTIZED!!!!!! :D How amazing is that right?
-Sad first area...Laureles 3 has been closed. :( 
-We were able to have surprise facials...from these ladies who were passing of our investigators...Juana...invited us! jaja! the member who was with us...loved it! And kept making jokes like...well...the blessings of taking time to go out with the missionaries! :)

-As we were explaining the sacrament to one of our rescued less actives and her grand daughter...she got excited and replied something like..."oh the bread is so's like different than the bread we eat normally...and the water! Oh how yummy!" So funny! She is so great!
-As I was praying one morning a thought entered my mind about our less actives and members...Everyone has a fire inside of missionaries sometimes we are here to help them keep it burning...others we may need to help relight...or others we may need/get to delight in the warmth of their fire and use it to help the fires of others! 

Let us rekindle our own fires this week and help relight the fire of others! 
Sure love ya all to the moon and back and to Perù and to Utah! That's a long way! :)
Hermana Coleman :D

Goodbyes :(, Miembros!, Barachos, Communication, and last but not least...Enya! :)

June 29, 2015:

Fantastic familia y amigos!!! :D

Wow! This week seemed so long...because a week ago...Hna. Sarat was still here in Centenario 2 with us...but now she is in Guatemala. Tuesday was really tough for me to say goodbye...especially because I had to say goodbye to all of my previous companions also. Hna. Guevara and Hna. Huayton. There were many tears shed...but what great memories I have treasured in my heart from these great missionaries! Each of them helped me change a part of my life for the better. What a blessing to know each of them! 

Inline image 1
Saying goodbye to Hermana Sarat!!

This week in our reunion de distrito (of our district) we talked about lessons with our investigatores and how important it is to have members present in these lessons. We made the goal as a district to have 12 lessons with members present for each companionship. To be honest I was really doubtful when we made this goal...because the weeks previously we had had very few. But it was incredible this week and we were really able to focus on calling the members ahead of time and really thinking which member would be the best for each of our investigators. We were so excited...and then last night we came short of 1 lesson with a member we didn't quite make our goal...but we were able to have 11 lessons with members present this week! I honestly was soooo bummed last night because I thought our Noche de Hogar (Family Night) would count with our investigator present but the elders taught the lesson and as Hna. Maydana and I talked we realized that our investigator didn't really understand the lesson. A bummer...but I have to remind myself to look at the good things and the good we were able to accomplish. We really were able to see miracles with the members who were able to accompany us in lessons! It was incredible! And now we know how we can better ourselves in this indicador. 

Yesterday I was really struggling because we had many "casi"'s...or close goals...which can be so frustrating! :( We worked really hard to teach the family of William and Jesica (menos activos) all of their lessons and we finished with a miracle Saturday night! They just needed to attend church for all 3 hours the next day! They came to Sacrament Mtg. and they even paid their tithing...which was so incredible! What a blessing to see! Then they told us that they were leaving to go to Viru for a birthday celebration. What a bummer! So close... Also our investigator, Juana was on date for 11 of July with her little daughter, Stephany...but they weren't able to come to church yesterday so we have to move their date. It was a tough day yesterday...but Hna. Maydana and I were able to have a good talk and realize that we can be better in many different areas and we can try new things. This is a learning process for sure. And the Lord is ALWAYS with us! 

We got this picture from another missionary Mom!
What wonderful Hermanas!!

Oh and Dalì...her parents are not ready to give their permission for her to be baptized...well they gave their permission...but they keep giving excuses and won`t settle on a we are now focusing on her parents and helping them feel of the truth. MIRACLE!!! Their whole family came to sacrament meeting yesterday! So with time...I know they will come to know the truth! :)

I want to thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts for Dalì and my other wonderful investigatores. Each day is a process and soon these wonderful people will be able to come to know the truth and enter the waters of baptism. :)

-Wow...for some reason this week we had two encounters with barachos (drunks)...weird...and honestly I was kind of shaken up...but I was able to learn something neat from these interesting moments. Christ talked to drunks and He LOVED THEM!!! I was thinking as I was looking in the tired, sad, red eyes of one of these men that still he is a child of our Heavenly Father, just like we all are. And we need to love them like He did.  
-Communication is key. Hna. Maydana and I were able to have some really good talks this week...with some tears...but our relationship is getting so much better! :)
-jaja! Mom...Hna. Marler has Enya music in the file of music we can listen to on p' each p'day i love listening to it! it reminds me of you and my yoga class in high school! :) 

-I LOVED the packages! Wow! Seriously what spoilage! Thanks so much...seriously! What a miracle...the Lord really knows when we need certain things! It seems like I always get mail or packages when I am struggling the most! We LOVE the study gum...I taught Hna. Maydana what study gum we are able to use it for our studies! 
-Can't remember if I told you guys...but in two of our lessons I asked the person if they could awaken us with a closing prayer...because the word for "send us off" and "awaken us" is sooo stinkin similar in spanish! jaja!
-Last night as I was searching for help and consuelo...I opened up to my mission plaque scripture how neat right? Alma 26:12! Love it! And this one too...Alma 36:3..."whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."

Love you all so much!
Hermana Coleman :D


June 22, 2015:

Look who took some letters and "study gum" to Jennesa, and who was met at the airport by Pres. and Sis. Marler!! (Bishop Davies!!) He was going for the Trujillo Temple Dedication and handed off the package to the Marlers!!

Dear Wonderful Fam and Friends!!!! 

Holy Smokes! What a week! The Lord sure loves us and is aware of us and our needs! I was able to gain some great reassurance and feelings of love during the Trujillo Temple Dedication...I heard things that I felt were exactly for me! 

Wow...this week we were able to spend some good time together as companions...since Hna. Sarat is going home tomorrow! How crazy is that?! Hna. Maydana and I will sure miss her! She is an incredible missionary and a great example to me...what a neat opportunity to be her companion and become so close to her! :)

The beginning of this week was tough for me because I started to doubt myself as a trainer. But now I am feeling much better after fasting and praying for strength and I know that even though this is tough...I am learning A TON and I feel that I am going to come out of this time in my mission...a much stronger person and missionary! :)

What a wonderful experience to be able to attend the practice for the Cultural Activity on Sat! I LOVED IT! The youth did so well in their dances and it was so fun to see and watch. What a neat experience to see and hear from Pres. Uchtdorf and his wife! They were so seemed like a dream!
What a wonderful opportunity!!

The Cultural Event!!

I was able to run into lots of good friends at the Cultural Activity practice! 

Like how I can hold my skirt out, too! :-)

Some other sweet angels were traveling to the Trujillo Temple Cultural Celebration and texted us this picture!!  We sure love these angels around the world!!
 It was really fun to be able to see lots of people from Laureles too! Also a Bob Wood (from Woods Cross--who sets up the AV for the temple dedications) found me and had a package from you wonderful people for me!!! He showed me a pic of you, Dad with my cardboard cutout and asked me if it was me! :) jaja! What a small world! How fun! I LOVED YOUR PACKAGE!!! Swedish fish! Holy Smokes...what gold! My and my comps LOVE them! And everything else...I'll have to give the Redmonds clay a try...we don't have fridge...maybe I can use my pensions...

Inline image 2
Landon met this man, Bob Wood at a Scout Training and he took this package to Jennesa for us!! So sweet!  We aren't really sure how he found her in the entire stadium full of people!! Wow!

Oh wow...and then yesterday!!!!! THE TEMPLE DEDICATION!!! What an incredible experience! We were able to go to our stake center and watch all three sessions! And so neat...since they were all different! 
Some little tidbits I loved: 
-Pres. Uchtdorf: Make it Father's Day everyday! Let us honor our Father in Heaven every single day!
-Romulo J. Casós: Puertas abiertas=fiesta espíritual! Like the reunion we will have with our loved ones after this life.
-Juan A. Uceda: His 5 points to make the temple a part of our lives
#1-Have a photo of the temple in your home
#2-Buy your temple clothes NOW! 
#3-Fill out and complete the book..."My Family" with all your family history. And take your own family names to the temple to complete their work.
#4-Always have your temple recommend renewed & ready to use.
#5-Attend the temple regularly!
-Pres. Uchtdorf: I loved how he started out in Spanish! How neat for me to hear him...not speak perfectly but to try with all his heart and spirit!
-Nelly García de Díaz: Valor hermanos!!  Let's press forward with faith! :D
-Pres. Uchtdorf: After the story of Martin...The Savior is here in the old soldier who needs help, the woman who is hungry with a crying baby, and in others! What an answer to prayers...that the little things really do matter! 
-David A. Bednar: Seek after OUR dead!! It´s OUR responsibility! We have been given much and consequently much is required of us!
Our awesome zone of Porvenir
after the 3 sessions of the temple dedication! :)

-Holy Cow! Hna. Sarat stayed up all night last night writing notes to people...and getting things packed up! She didn't sleep a wink! Wow!
-We've been playing soccer and basketball in the mornings! I need to just let myself have fun and relax...I always feel so self conscious! But I'm getting to love it!
-On Monday we ate with our old bishop and had good! But it made my stomach not very happy! But now i'm good!

-Hna. Maydana will turn to me and say..."Un fish?" with puppy dog eyes and a cute Spanish accent! jaja! How can you say no to that?
-OH MY! We were able to go to one of the first sealings in the Trujillo Temple today for Hna. Sarat...her old pensionista was sealed to her husband and two kids! So incredible! And Elder Uceda did the sealing! Wow! What an incredible experience! I hardly knew them but I had tears streaming down my cheeks! Families can really be together forever!
-I got the following story in a letter from Mimi and Papa this week!

"Wishing to encourage her young son's progress on the piano, a mother took her boy to a Paderewski Concert. After they were seated, the mother spotted a friend in the audience and walked dkown the aisle to greet her. Seizing the opportunity to explore the wonders of the concert hall, the little boy rose and eventually explored his way through a door marked "NO ADMITTANCE." When the house lights dimmed and the concert was about to begin, the mother returned to her seat and discovered that the child was mission. Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights focused on the impressive Steinway on stage. In horror, the mother saw her little boy sitting at the keyboard, innocently picking out "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." At that moment, the great piano master made his entrance, quickly moved to the piano, and whispered in the boy's ear, "Don't quit. Keep playing" Then leaning over, Paderewski reached down with his left hand and began filling in the bass part. Soon his right arm reached around to the other side of the child and he added a running obbligato. Together, the old master and the young novice transformed a frightening situation into a wonderfully creative experience. The audience was mesmerized.

That is the way it is with our Heavenly Father. What we can accomplish on our own is hardly noteworthy. We try our best, but the results aren't exactly graceful flowing music. But with the hand of the Master, our life's work truly can be beautiful. Next time you set out to accomplish great feats, listen carefully. You can heart the voice of the Master whispering in your ear, "Don't quit. Keep playing." Feel His loving arms around you. Know that His strong hands are there, helping you turn your feeble attempts into true masterpieces. Remember that God doesn't call the equipped. He equips the called. And He'll always be there to love and guide you on to great things."

Isn't that incredible! I invite you to share it with someone you love! Love you all to bits!
Hermana Coleman :D

 Aidita...the granddaughter of our pensionista turned 3 on Monday so we were able to go to her b'day party! Super fun! 

A card they made for Father's Day for their Mission President (AKA "their father in the mission field!!)