Monday, June 15, 2015

5 semana training, subasta, Hna. Sarat, miracles in the capilla, my plaque! :(

June 15, 2015:
My wonderful family and friends!!!!

Wow! This week was interesting. It is really tough because Hna. Sarat is ending her mission! :( She goes back to her lovely home of Guatemala (shout out to my awesome bro, Spence!) this 24 de junio. Tough partner in training Hna. Maydana is dying, but we are plugging along and we are trying to enjoy each moment! :) We are so excited to have Hna. Sarat staying in our area for this last week...we had cambios just yesterday and we now have a new district leader and zone leader! And......guess what?! I AM STAYING IN TRUJILLO MISIÓN NORTE!!!!!!! WITH PRES Y HNA. MARLER! What a blessing...enserio (seriously)! But...lots of sad news of missionaries that I love and know who are in the other mission...the official change is the 17 de Junio (June 17th).  

We were able to see so many miracles yesterday in the capilla (chapel/church)! Wow! One of our sweet menos activos (less active) families came to church by themselves...we didn't even call them to remind them! It was so neat...and they stayed all 3 hours! We were also able to help Hna. Juana get her kids ready for church and help her be in the church for the first time...for all 3 hours tambien (too)! What a neat day! Hna. Maydana and I were excited to be able to see some of the fruits of our labors...what a tender mercy! 

I was bummed...because yesterday after sacrament meeting while I was talking to some members...the back of my magnetic plaque (missionary nametag) fell off onto the floor...I reached up to grab my plaque and IT WASN'T THERE!!!!! Oh heart seriously dropped! Because plaque is so special to me and I almost had it for 9 whole months! :( Luckily I have my clip one...and I still have hope that it is in the house of Hna. Juana...lots of prayers! 

This last week we were able to go to Trujillo for Hna. Maydana...her first 5 week training...with all the missionaries from her group and all their trainers. It was much needed and nice to recieve some inspiration and see other missionaries. 

Displaying image.png
Picture with all the new trainers and trainees with Pres. and Sis. Marler!

We also had a Zone Subasta this week!!! (a zone auction) Our zone leaders made fake money for us...for completing different goals and we have been getting it this whole we were able to use it in the auction! So much last sh-bang as a zone! Changes are so hard! Oh...but we did get shirts as a zone! They are so sweet...they are jerseys...with our names on the back and our zone! I picked the number 18...because yeah...18 months baby! :)

-THE TEMPLE DEDICATION IS IN 6 DAYS!!!!! I really need to prepare myself for this special day! What a blessing!
-So many people have told me that I look a lot like the actress Cameron Diaz...but I don't know who she is...jaja! Would someone mind sending me a pic?! :)
-FOOD: Okie dokie mom...the most common things we eat for meals...for breakfast we usually have some kind of hot drink...avena (which i's like oatmeal), avena with coco, or some other stuff with bread! We seriously eat some much bread! Either with jam, butter, omelets, or avocado. Lunch usually some kind of meat, with veggies, and rice. I LOVE the dish called Huai de Gallina...if that is even how you spell it? It´s this yummy yellow sauce over potatoes and chicken. With an egg...sometimes. Dinner is really little...with same as breakfast or sometimes caldo...soup! :) Snacks...i love buying their fruit! It is so cheap! Mandarins, apples, grapes, OH MY!!! I love this crackers they have called Choco Sodas...they are saltine crackers covered in chocolate!!!! So stinkin good! My treat here! Also love the sublimes...oh and wheat crackers! So good! 
A photo of Aji de Gallina (she mentions is one of her favorite foods).

-Sad day when my fruit goes bad!! (As Spencer would say, "That's just messed up!") :-)
-Oh gosh...well I didn't have my plaque (Missionary nametag) for the last 2 hours of church...and when we were being dropped off in the old bishops combi (big van...where we can fit a ton of people) one of the returned missionaries in our ward...went to give me a hug to scare me...because I was a "member" without my plaque! Ay ay ay! 
-I have really had to humble myself here in Peru! I have realized that really...I am nothing without my Heavenly Father. He knows me and he loves me. I am so grateful that we can communicate with him through prayer! (I have started saying my night prayers kneeling next to my hard chair...instead of my soft tempting bed) Talk with is so refreshing and rewarding!

I love you all so stinkin much!

Hermana Coleman! :D

Whoooo Hoooo! pics! I sure love you all! 

One is of Dalí and her fam! They had us over for a family night and we are planning her baptism for 27 de Junio!!!! :) 
Our fingernails we painted...they have "R's" on them to help us remember to ask for references! 

  Um...what else? Oh the dancing horse show from last week's Preparation Day...way cool!

Post from the Mission President's Wife's blog!

June 10, 2015:

After a month of working together, serving at the temple, bringing their friends to the temple and working hard the group of missionaries who arrived on May 4 reunited for a little training.

Some fun eating lunch!

Sister Coleman and Elder Haacke provided a beautiful musical number.

Email works!!!, 8 MESES, Life is tough but great!, Dalí!!!!!

June 8, 2015:

Fam and friends!!!! Whoooo Hoooo! 
You don't know how excited I am to write you all! It was so wierd not to be able to write you all this last week...well all that I wanted to...and to be able to read your weekly emails! But whooo Hoooo! My email works now! 

I sure was thinking about you all these past two weeks with tons of Coleman Fam stuff happening! Summer! wierd is that?! Last days of school! Spence...graduation...and the temple! OH my heavens! So excited for you! I sure love you all to pieces! 

Wow...yesterday I celebrated 8 months in the mission! Isn't that so stinkin crazy?! month my half way mark...whew! Time flies! Ay ay ay! 

We have been able to do divisions where either me or Hna. Sarat proselyting with a member and the other goes with Hna. we are able to gets lots more done this way. It is a little odd being separated from my comps when I'm with the members...but it does help me speak more and get more time to talk. 

This past Saturday the elders had a baptism and we were able to invite lots of our investigators to it...and guess who came? Dalí and HER PARENTS and her little brother, Juana Amaranto and her two kids, Alexa (who reminds me of Bree!), Greissy (told her I want to name one of my girls Graci!) :D! It was sooooo incredible! last night we were able to talk with Hna. Dalí and her parents about her baptism...we have had many of these talks...but we decided in our weekly planning that we were going to be direct and talk about a date! Wow...her parents actually gave their permission! So we are praying so hard because her baptism will either be THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! or the 19th!!!!!!! Because we are waiting on the work schedule of her mom! Isn't that such a miracle?! Wow...I was so close to tears when I gave her a hug and was walking out the door...what a blessing to be able to see the fruits of our work! :D

-One night we were planning for the next day and Hna. Sarat had her water bottle on the window sill...and whew!!!! totally fell down all 4 floors...haha! Luckily no one was walking in the street! Whew! 
-We bought tons of yummy fruit from a fruit truck...they drive up and down the streets with speakers and call out! :)

-So a little girl had fun during a lesson with my fingernails! I LOVED my manicure afterwards! 

Oh and one of our investigators, Rita...we were able to take her to the temple open house with her two cute boys! :)

 Hna. Sarat did my hair last week! I loved it! She is so good! :) I am sure going to miss her!

-Ok...don't judge...I took it out and wala! jaja! We sure had a few laughs!

- But I sure love you all tons! Oh...for p-day today we are going to a dancing horse show! Should be interesting! 
-Was able to read some of "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" and I love how it says..."Sometimes we have missionaries who are so worried about offending people that in the process they never ever save them."

Wow right?! I need to open my mouth more! I sure love you all to bits!
Hermana Coleeeman :D

Week #34 -- e-mail sign in problems . . . :(

June 1, 2015:

This is a screenshot from the "mormonnetwork" instagram page.  Jennesa has been serving at the Trujillo Peru Temple Open House for the last several weeks about six hours a day.  It was so fun to see this surprise post on instagram!  We love Jennesa and we love the promises of the temple.


Oh dag nab...I can't log in to my I'm hurrying to type this on my district leaders email. So bummed...hopefully I'll be able to log in sometime during this week...we'll see what happens! I love you all so much and just wanted to let you know that I'm I should be good! Love you all!!!!!

Have such a fun last week of school...SUMMER baby! So crazy since it's getting more chilly here! :)

All my love and more!
Hermana Coleman :D Your sis, daughter, ginto bean, and crazy gringa in Peru! Loves!

Gotta love parasite tests, templo, good tired, siempre paciencia! :)

May 25, 2015:

Dearest familia y amigos!!!

Holy Smokes I just love you all so much! :D Thanks bunches for all your support...for reals!!!! I so wish I had more time in the day...but the temple is sooooo worth it! :D I am so grateful for this amazing month of May for the Trujillo Temple Open House! What a blessing to be able to be a part of this! 

Wow! So the news from the clinic is that my stool test came back negative...again. So i don't have parasites which is the doctor told me I have gastrities and she gave me a medicine to take (30 minutes before each meal) and she also said it is stress as well. Oh gosh...I feel like it is always gastrities or we'll see how the medicine works. I'm also taking the probiotics that you sent me. And the change in diet (no oil!) So I'm hoping and praying that this will help. Thanks so much for your prayers!
I just love the temple! We are always able to have really neat experiences and I have been able to meet some really neat people! We were able to go to the temple in a caravan with our ward on Friday night and wow! What a neat experience! We went with two busses and they were packed neat! The members were so excited and they brought along lots of their friends and family to share the temple with! What a blessing that we have temple open houses to the share the temple with EVERYONE! I seriously love telling people that EVERYONE is welcome! How neat we have these three amazing weeks! I'm always really tired...but it is always a good tired! :)

We were able to have our Ward Conference this weekend! There wasn't any electricity in our ward building on Sunday but no problem we still were able to have all our meetings like normal...what a blessing! The speakers did have to talk LOUD though! I was blessed with the opportuinity to play my violin for our ward...which was so great because I haven't played for awhile! It was so touching because multiple people came and told me how they cried...and something SO AMAZING!!! was that our pensionista, Santos came to church!!!!! She is inactive and especially with our change of boundaries she lost all of her animos...excitment. So so neat! :) 

We were also able to meet with Dali (11) and her parents about her baptism! She is so ready and she wants to be baptized so bad (she left crying when her dad was talking about how he didn't want her to be baptized yet)...but her parents aren't quite ready to give their permission. We were able to have a powerful lesson with them...all three of us bearing testimony with our personal experiences and our Ward Mission Leader as well! And soften up their hearts even more! ;) So keep her in your prayers please! :) She'll be able to be baptized soon! :)

-So journal writing is really tough for I was pretty excited when I finished my first mission journal! I'm trying to be better and set a timer each night for 10 min! Cuz a little is better than nothing right?! :)
-So many nights there is so much loud fiesta music right outside our windows...gotta love it...especially at 11pm at night! :)
-My legs are looking about the same as my first couple weeks in the mission...i have so many picaduras...bug bites! :) whew! paciencia!

-Drinkin LOTS of yogurt to help me! ;) I seriously drank 1/2 of this bottle! Had a take a pic cuz I need to remember these lovely mission moments! We sure were laughing! :D
-Funny story while doing Parasite test!!  Oh, the adventures of a mission!! :-)
-Wow! I always need to have paciencia! Something I love that me and Hna. Sarat came up with is this: "Es una lucha...siempre mejorando...podemos hacerlo!" It's a battle...also becoming better...we can do it! 

-jaja! This was such a dumb blond i was in a lesson and i had an itch on my knee so i used my pen to scratch it...i thought the lid was on...but ya no ya! jaja! here is my lovely knee! :) and it's a little red from our prayers! ::)
Sure love you all! 
Hermana Coleman :D