Friday, August 7, 2015

CRAZINESS!, Goodbyes, Lagartija, familia de oro!, Hna. Nielsen!

Aug. 3, 2015:

My wonderful familia y amigos!!!!!! :D
Wow! What a week...with goodbyes...with cambios (transfers)...with a new companion...HNA. NIELSEN!!!! (She's amazing!)...with a new area...etc. This week has sure felt really long...but we have had many adventures. It has been a little weird having a gringa (not a Spanish-speaking native) companion for the first time in my whole mission...but I am really loving it. We are able to actually share ALL of our feelings, thoughts, and ideas with each other...and it has really been helping me. But I do need to keep my Spanish up and it is tough for us not to get really excited and just speak in English in our room and in the streets when we're not talking to I really want to work on this! Because this is one of my fears...that we are going to regress (is that even a word?) in our ability to speak Spanish. But I love it so much!!! :) 

-Is incredible!
-Has about 6 months in the mission...went home to have her gal bladder taken out for two months right after her she came out about 8 months ago
-From Greenleaf, Idaho
-Comes from a family of 8 kids, she is the oldest
-Studied for a year and a half at BYU-Idaho (did her generals to become a nurse)
-Fav. color: yellow
*Ok...we are so similar it blows both of our minds sometimes! jaja! But really...even little details about our lives...for example...both of our hands got stuck under the tredmill when we were little, her little sister had heart problems like Hyrum did...but she is doing great! :) So incredible! We really were meant to be companions!  

Jennesa with her new companion, Hermana Nielsen (far right) and Hermana Sanchez in the moto taxi!

It was super hard to say goodbye to my sweet hija, Hermana Maydana and everyone in wonderful Laredo! I did cry...especially when the members gave me cute notes, hugs, and said such sweet things. Laredo will always have such a special place in my heart! :) But I have a good feeling about Vista Alegre too! We have lots of things in our heart right?! :) 

Saying my goodbyes...the awesome family of my old bishop! The Ortechos and my amazing pensionista...Hna. Santos! The family Ticlia! :)  We had to do funny pics after the normal smiling ones and they turned out so good! :D

We were able to teach a whole family this week and it was so very special! The Family Santa Cruz...we were just planning on teaching the mom...but her whole family was home. So we were able to teach her, her three kids, her niece, and her husband the first lesson! What a special spirit...the Dad and the niece were totally interested too! We both just felt a really special spirit with this sweet family and we were able to invite them to our ward activity on Friday...and the mom and her three kids came! And they loved it! Whoooo Hooooo! They didn't come to church...but we are so excited to help them have the gospel in their lives! 

We get to go to the temple this next Tuesday as a zone and I am so looking forward to it! I haven't been able to do a session yet...and I can't wait! Whoo Hooo! :D

-Been getting blisters for the first time in my mission...jaja! but they're not too bad! 
-Hna. Nielsen is my new personal awesome because before her mission she actually was a personal trainer! I am so sore though! jaja! 
-We've been searching for rooms...and oh buddy! So tough...but ya know! The joys! 

-Oh my we were walking down the sidewalk and I saw a we decided to catch it!!!! :) So Hna. Nielsen opened her wallet and we caught it! They are little...we were totally laughing and of course one of our investigatores (investigators) looked out her window and saw us! jaja! Those gringa missionaries! ;) So in our lessons that night we held her little coin purse with a little hole for air...for our LAGARTIJA (lizard in spanish). That night we kept him in there...he was sitting in the coin purse on our desk and in the morning...he wasn't there!!!! aaaaahhhh! So we randomly find him on our wall...and we aren't exactly sure where he is right now...but hey! fun memories! jaja!

Their lizard friend on their wall!!

-I heard something really neat yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting in our ward that I loved! That the temple is just like a cell phone charger for our lives! We can go there to be recharged and to receive more energy and excitement for our lives, our difficulties, and our pruebas (problems)! I love that cool thought! :)

Wow! I sure love you all! 
Keep smiling and living the way Christ wants you to!
Hermana Coleman :-)

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