Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nuevo cuarto!, sicky :(, ratas, milagros!!! :D

Aug. 17, 2015:
Amazing fam and friends!!! :D
(Diana and Nate! I am so stinkin excited for your sweet family! Braden and Janna too!!!! :D Jaclyn I sure loved all the fun pics from your wedding! I'm so excited to get to know your husband!!! :D Wow! so many fun things!)

Well...this week was sure eventful, full, different, long, short! Wow! jaja! Hna. Nielsen has been sick since Thursday so that has been tough...because I really want to help her feel better...but we also need to keep working too...there is definitely a balance! 

Poor Hermana Nielsen..sick! :-(

We were able to move into a new room (apartment)...finally! After about 2 1/2 weeks of searching and searching! Whooo Hooo! Oh the first night in our new we came in from proselyting we turned on the lights and all of a sudden a big sized gray rat runs up our wall and up on this pipe and outside! AAAAAHHHH! Then we realized each time we flush the toilet...what we flush :/ comes up the shower drain in a little fountain! :/ Ay ay ay! So much fun! But we actually were able to plug it up! Whew! :D 

Jennesa and Hermana Nielsen in their new apartment!!
"We had a sleepover out in our big room (in our old room) to celebrate my 10 months! Then I didn't have to get up on my top bunk without a ladder! jaja! I use a chair and my non-existant abs...jaja! But really it's true! :/"

We were also able to see some really neat miracles this week though! 
This week Elena and Luciana passed their BAPTISMAL INTERVIEWS!!!!! :) So amazing! Luciana is 14 and Elena (her mom) is about 47. They were referencias del templo (temple referrals) and they were so Hna. Nielsen has told me. They are so cute, humble, happy, and loving! Luciana gives the best hugs ever...she squeezes very hard and then moves from side to side! (My back might crack every time...but I love them still!) They live in a very humble one room adobe-mud-brick house with one bed...a desk...a little stove...a t.v....and they hang storage stuff (clothes and things) on nails that are sticking out of their wall. Their bathroom is outside...kind of like alittle shed/outhouse thing. They have 3 dogs that they LOVE and treat like their babies! :) I have already grown to love them both so much! :D The gospel is going to bless their lives so much! So exciting! They are super excited for their baptism...we told them we were going to take care of the refrigerio...pie de limon! Wow...22 de agosto! (Aug. 22nd) What a special day it will be! :D I just kind of want to scream thinking about it! Yiiiiiii whoooooo! :D

Another amazing thing that happened this week...we received a call from Saul (one of our investigatores...we had actually tried to call him to get an appt. with him but he didn't answer) Anyway...he told me he had read the Book of Mormon in the chapter we has asked (3 nefi 11) and that it talked about boutismo. I think he was driving in his taxi as he was talking because the wind was super I had to ask him if he would repeat...casi todo! (like always!) :D But he went on to tell me how it talked about how we need to be baptized to follow the example of Christ and how he wanted to keep reading and learning more so baptized...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! :D Isn't that amazing! I was kind of freaking out on the other line! :D Such a neat experience! I sure hope he can progress with his wife and his little girls! :D

This week I was able to read two amazing talks outloud to Hna. Nielsen! So we both benefited! :D When you have time...look them up! "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox and Adversity in Prayer by H. Burke Peterson. They are incredible! A couple quotes: "As we learn to develp this two-way communication, the standard of our life will improve. We will see things more clearly, we will try harder to do better, we will see the real joy that can come through trials and testing." "No, we are not earning heaven. We are learning heaven. We are preparing for it." Loved these two talks! :D Thanks for sending them to me so stinkin fast dad! :D

-I think cockroaches scream...or squeak when you kill them...I had to find out the hard way! :Z
-Got your package this week! With the blue shirt, pink sweater, granola bars (that we love!), and all the amazing notes...and the amazing binder! I LOVED IT! :D
-We made the best b-day card ever for an hermana in our district! So stinkin cute! You are all going to love the pic!

The minion b-day card! So fun! :) It turned out so cute! 

Loving the pink sweater you sent me! Wore it to church yesterday and got so many comments!
Love you all so much!

-Cool thought I found in my scripture/spiritual journal..."2 Nefi 24:14 "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds and I will be like the Most High." "I" in the above scripture is Satan. Interesting how he said he will be LIKE the Most High but he will not be EQUAL TO or HIGHER THAN...he is not more powerful than our Heavenly Father. How comforting. He can fool us to thinking he can be LIKE him...but no." I loved that! :)
-We were laughing so hard last night with our pensionista and her family! They were trying to speak English and we would help them but we were just all busting up! Fun to relax and just laugh! :)

Love you all!
Hermana Coleman :D

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