Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Practicing for Christmas Show, lost my voice and following the spirit!

Dec. 8, 2014--Week #8
Wonderful, spectacular friends and fam!!!!

Wowzers! This week was sure interesting!
We are practicing for our HUGE Christmas show in the center of Trujillo...Hermana South and I are playing a duet, Away in a manger accompanied with the piano! And we are also playing in a quartet with 2 other elders! We have had practices the last two p-days...wowzers! 

 Practicing in her quartet!

A fun moment during practices!

Oh buddy today at the mission home during one of the practices I was walking down the kitchen stairs with my violin to grab a little choc. chip cookie...and I kind of slipped WITH MY VIOLIN...mind you! :/ Oh buddy...my E string totally broke and my pride kind of broke and I have some nice bruises...but all is well! :) Haha! Gotta love these little adventures! 

Another big group singing practice!
(Can you find Jennesa?  She has her excited face on peeking through the middle of the picture!)

This week i have been pretty sick...no worries though....just with lots of gross stuff in my throat and my nose...and in the middle of the week my voice was pretty much gone! So yeah...the language is hard as it is and the people hardly understand me at times but without a voice? uh yeah...struggle! but ya know...ANYTHING is possible with God...even speaking a different language voice with the voice of a man smoker! ;)

Okie dokie cute experience from my journal:
"WE visited hno. Paulino and hna. isidora again! there two girls are so cute! They get so excited when we come! neat expereince...we were running late so i grabbed two packs of crackers for hna. guevara and me and an apple...but it ended up we ate dinner anyway...so we just kept the food in our bags. well during the lesson i noticed the shiny apple and crackers in my bag and had a feeling to give them to the sweet girls! (5 & 7) it is crazy how fast satan works trying to make you doubt promptings because right after i had the thought all these funny doubts popped in my head..."oh, it will distract from the lesson"...or "there isn't enough for everyone"...but i went ahead and gave the girls the apple and cracker pack and man did they love it! hna. Guevara also gave them her pack that i had given her! They immediately ran up and shared with their mom and little sister! :) So sweet! 

-it actually rained here on Dec. 4th and Dec. 5th! it never rains here! :) i tried to enjoy it but it was on a tough day where no one was letting us in...but ya know!
-haha! Hna. Licha our pensionista one morning...came out with her make-up while we were eating breakfast and started trying to put it on us. apparantley we aren't the cutest missionaries. ;) she got as far as perfume with me and perfume and eyeliner with hna. guevara! oh buddy! i was laughing so hard!
-So...seatbelts are a thing of the past...and the taxis we ride in i am pretty sure that some of them are going to break down right in the middle of the road as we are driving...but seriously the Lord protects his missionaries!
-We served an investigator and helped her prepare her cena...fried fish...and i mean the whole fish! oh buddy! it was really interesting to see her prepare it...without a sink...running water...and a dishwasher. They love the heads of coy, fish and the feet of chicken...they think they are rico! :/
-Piano! :) in sacrament meeting...solomente the right hand with some chords but it was something. The holy ghost helped me have courage to get up and do it!
-Sad day...when two of my skirts don't fit anymore! :(
-Found 1ST COIN ON THE GROUND ON DEC. 6!!!!! :)

-Pretty sure in a lesson...i said the following: "i know that joseph smith WILL SEE jesus christ and heavenly father."...but in spanish...ugghhh!
-"mama!"-hna. guevara always says this when there is a creepy dog...or when we run across the street! :)

-Alma 31:37 (my goal...to stay in the present with my thoughts and keep them clean and pure)
-I have to remember we are planting seeds...even when people see us and start running for their houses...real life experience ;)

Love you all so much!!! :)
Hermana Coleman :D

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