Monday, December 1, 2014

Laureles Area!!

First Area!!  Laureles 3:  With Hermana Guevera!
"It is really is one of the nicest areas, I've heard...
pretty crazy because it is one of the rich areas.
  But, it still astounds me when I see some of the houses! :/
The Laureles and Central Zones!!
(Jennesa is in the tourquoise colored dress and white sweater in the second row!)
District: 1 set of Elders, 2 sets of Hermanas! 6 people total! We eat with the other set of Hermanas!
Zone: Peru Laureles; 20 personas (people) 10 sets of missionaries...we have meetings each Martes (Tuesday)! 

She tells about the Ward she is in: " good! the members are great! Our ward! Church is so hard, though...when it comes to understanding...whew! Sundays are probably the hardest day! We meet at 8am."

Sweet Hermana Marler hugging Hermana Guevera
while Jennesa cheers her on!
"A selfie from today in our room!
hugs and kisses!!!"
(Notice, the Christmas tree on the wall behind her!!)

Standing in front of the Trujillo Temple!
("So pumped! We will have the dedication date in 2 weeks!  Yooooo hoooo!  I've learned they say that instead of whooo hooo here in Peru!;-)  Gotta be a latina instead of a gringa!"

She describes her apartment: " room with a bathroom (we have a switch for hot water for the shower), closets, dresser, 2 desks by window looking out to a park, and our lovely bunk bed! We're on the 3rd floor of a complex...lugging my bags up all those stairs was sure an adventure that first night!
Describing her bed: (for Dad and Jarr :)): "Bottom bunk...facing the sheets were like a sleeping bag and didn't cover the some other ones. I have my lovely pink blanket and blue soft comfy one. Pics of fam on my wall by my bed!" 
The Grateful Turkey they did on their wall!
Jennesa wrote, "This was so much fun to make with Hermana Guevara! Thanks for the fun idea, Mom! We gave the rest of the cute napkins to our amazing pensionista! :) She loved them even though we don't celebrate it here!"
At a Zone Training...

"Love you all so much! Just know that a little gringa is thinking about you in good ole Trujillo! :)"

Here are some other fun random facts she tells us about in response to our questions...

-Eating: We have a Pensionista who cooks all our meals: Hermana Licha! She is seriously so amazing! Love her! Lunch is the biggest meal here...kind of weird to get used to! The food is good...they have this scrumptious drink called moca that is delicious. It is hot and is kind of like watery sounds gross...but I love it!!!! 
-A Bishop in the area washes our laundry each Wednesday.
-Shopping is on p-days at little local stores.
-Water: I've been brushing my teeth with the sink water...esta bien! We drink from water bottles that we fill up with big jugs we store in our room. I really should drink more water.
-Yep...we get up at 6:30 am...earlier if we exercise at the park across the street.
-We go to bed at 10:30pm...well this is our goal but it is really tough with all the planning and getting ready...whew!
-We are in our apt. by 9pm.
-We have the same amount of computer time as in the CCM...1 hora (hour)! 
-Oh my heavens! That necklace is so stinkin cute, Mom! You can keep it till I get home...I dont want it to get lost in the mail!
-Oh...are you sending my mass email to my laurel girls? S. Dillon, Welch, Allen, Sterner?
-Oh and i have been dying for updates on Spencer's mission papers!!!!! :) so pumped! 
-Oh and possibly could you send the dragon-fly story for my comp (maybe even translated into Spanish) if not no worries. 
-Big music doesn't flash drive doesn't load for some odd reason...luckily my comp has some good music!

Whew! hopefully this answers some of your questions! I wish I could write so much more! :) We opened first two Christmas presents and we have the cute little green tree on our wall! Thanks sooooo much! Oh and the paper bag turkey...I'll try and send a pic of what we did on thanksgiving! It was an interesting day...not celebrated here...for lunch I seriously had a half a plate of beets...thought of you Dad! :)

-I  have a violin that they gave me to practice and use for street contacting
-Played with a little girl and a slinky! :)
-My comps b-day was on Wed... fun stuff! loved making it fun for her!
-Drunk men are a little creepy one walked up to me and looked at me like i was two people or a ghost...and said "un angele!"...con ojos azule!" (An angel with blue eyes!) Aaaaaahhhh! A little creeped out. So now it's a joke with us! 

-I´ve really been thinking lots about just trying our best and when we can't do it anymore the lord will help with the rest! 
Love you all sooooo much!
Hermana Coleman :D

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