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Week #25 -- CENTENARIO 2!, Hermana Sarat! gallos, zzzzz, Women's Conf!

Mar. 30, 2015:

Dear Loving Family and Friends! :D
Oh my gosh!!!! I am dying to know about Spence´s mission call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would get to know today...because I was sure so excited on Thursday night at 10:05pm because that´s when dad told me he would be opening it...but I guess I need to learn some more paciencia(patience)! :)

Wowzers! This week has sure been tough but it has also been an adventure too...with OPENING a new area (CENTENARIO 2), a new comp! (HNA. SARAT is so great!), a new cuarto(room/apartment), a new pensionista (cook)! so many changes! But changes are a part of life...and I need to embrace them and enjoy each moment of my mission...because the days are passing, whether I know it or not! :) 

It sure was tough leaving my first and only area in comps (companions)...mypensionista (cook)...and the people...but all is well. What a blessing that we have the hope of seeing the ones we love and appreciate after this life tambien (as well)! Such a great blessing of hope and comfort! I was able to go around a little bit on Monday night with Hna. Huayton and visit some of the members of great Laureles! Hno. Sixtilio, Hna. Licha (our old pensionista),y la familia Avila (the Avila family)! Hna. Rosa (pensionista) prepared a special dinner for me! So cute of her! So many of the members and our investigators and less actives didn´t even know I was leaving...the time was so short I wasn´t able to tell everyone! :( But the hope and comfort right? Oh and leaving Hna. Guevara (my mom), Hna. Ascencio, and Hna. Huayton was sure tough! I shed some tears...but cambios son un parte de este vida (change is a part of life)! :) 

Inline image 1

Wow! So hard to leave these wonderful hermanas (Sister missionaries)...they were all such great examples to me in one way or another! We were able to take this pic the night before transfers. It was so fun because we were able to have the same pensionista (cook) and see each other each day...we sure made some fun memories together and I will forever be grateful to thesehermanas for their patience with me and my progressing Español (improving Spanish), for their love, and for their great examples as missionaries! :) What a great time in Laureles 3! 

Our planning has sure been hard and much longer than usual because we don´t know many people...but the members are sure excited to have hermanas (Sister/female missionaries) in the area again (what a privilege to be pioneers in Centenario 2!) The members have sure been helpful in helping us better know the area and giving us references of people we can/need to visit! We are still settling into things...but we have been warmly welcomed! 

This week has been tough for me because I feel like lots of people have many problems that they just kind of dump on us as missionaries and hope for a response to everything. Sometimes it is really hard to sit there and listen and know how to help them, but it sure is a blessing we have this gospel to help them find there way in this tough world. But sometimes it is very overwhelming...especially when I think about my experiences in life and how I´m only 19 and haven´t experienced half of these problems...but what a blessing that Jesus Christ knows how we feel! He knows! :)

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Me and wonderful Hermana Sarat! After doing service...helping the other pair of hermanas (Sister missionaries) in our zone move into a cuarto (room/apartment) that is on the 5th floor! Whew! Exercises!  Hermana Sarat is amazing! She is 26 and she is from Guatemala...she has the same time in the mission as Hna. Guevara and Hna. Huayton! So she will finish right after the temple dedication in I will probably "kill" her (be her last companion as she finishes and returns home) we say it in the mission. She is amazing...her life has been so hard but she is a shining light for Christ! :) 

-Uggghh...I have been so tired lately! Especially during planning...studies...and even during lessons sometimes! But I was able to pray and fast for strength so I hope to be able to have more energy this week!
-Our cuarto (apartment) is muy pi tuco! or very rich! It is on the 4th floor...oh goodness! Exercises! We have two bathrooms, 3 rooms, a family room, and a kitchen! Crazy! But tis our cuarto! :)
-They use mototaxis in our area! So fun! 

--Oh my heavens ta betsy! We have many gallos (roosters) outside our cuarto and seriously they start cock a doodling at 3 am! oh my golly goodness! :/ Mas paciencia (more patience)!  (It's no wonder now, why she's tired lately, huh!) :-)
-The Womens Conference was so great! What a blessing to be able to listen to leaders of our church help buoy me up! I was really needing strength and I was able to feel a renewal of my Savior's love for me! What a neat blessing! 

So much love! You are all so incredible! Sepa que nuestro Padre Celestial es muy amoroso y lesconoce (Please know that our Father in Heaven is loving and knows each one of us)! :)
Hermana Coleman :D 

Inline image 2
Sister Sarat with President and Sister Marler (Their Mission President and wife) and Sister Tonga (Sister Sarat's last companion--arrived with Jennesa to the mission in November)

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