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Week #24 -- HOLY SMOKES CAMBIOS!, Spence is 18!, gotta love fleas, milagros! (miracles!), it is so stinkin hot!!!

March 23, 2015:

Dear amazing family and friends!!!!!!

First of all birthday shout out to my amazing bro...Spencer! 18...holy smokes! And......hoy dia (today)......DAD AND HYRUM!!!!! I love you guys! :)

Holy Cowages....biggest surprise...yesterday were cambios (transfers) and we received a call from the assistants! This call is for a special assignment...they first asked to talk to me and I was really nervous because for the past 4ish weeks Hna. Huayton had been telling me that I was going to be a trainer...bueno (Okay)...they asked me about our day and then they asked to talk to Hna. (Sister) Huayton...and they asked her if SHE WOULD BE A TRAINER!!!!!!!! :) So amazing...but at the same time so sad...because what does that mean?...yep you got it...I am being transferred to a different area. But I didn´t know where todavia (still) we waited and waited and waited...and finally received the call that I was going to be OPENING A NEW AREA INPORVENIR with HNA. SARAT!!!! Remember sweet Hna. Tonga from the CCM (Missionary Training Center in Lima Peru)? Her companion is Hna. Sarat! So nervous, excited, worried, sad, happy, and anxious! Wow! And I heard we are with only elders and there haven´t beenhermanas (Sister Missionaries) in that area it should be adventurous! So to say the least...last night sure was interesting with emotions...many tears were shed! This morning we went to the office because Hna. Huayton had a meeting for trainers and guess who else is training?! HNA. SOUTH AND HNA. TONGA!!!!! :) So exciting and fun to see them! And I was also able to see my new comp as of tomorrow...Hna. Sarat! She is so sweet and we are both sad to leave our areas but we are ready to work hard and help in the work in Porvenir...add some spice to the we are the only hermanas! 

I sure am going to miss good ole Laureles 3...Hna. Huayton...the wonderful friends...close to pensionistas(cooks) ...las hermanas (Sister missionaries) district...but I know that this is the Lord´s plan for me and I need to have trust in him and work as hard as I can wherever he puts me! :) Oh and Porvenir is in Mission Peru Trujillo North of Pres and I think I´m going to be in their mission...but we still have one more change (transfer) left so things could still change...but for now! :)

Inline image 1
Jennesa with Hermana Huayton!!
She writes, "jaja (ha ha)! Hermana Huayton just barely got glasses for the first time...with braids...and our cinnamon lips from your awesome package! So fun! Thanks a ton! LOVE THEM!!!!!!

Well this week was interesting...I have kind of been struggling lately with not letting the stress of other people´s problems and difficulties as well as my own affect my attitude and ganas (desires) for this work. This is definitely one of my weaknesses...but I sure have found strength in communicating...prayer...scriptures...and smiling even when I feel like I don´t want to or can´t. 

I sure love Mercado de Papas (a poor neighborhood in her area -- Market of Potatoes)...we were able to meet some really amazing people this week and teach them. The people are so humble and ready to hear the gospel...ahhhh!!! i just love it! My heart just goes out to them...because many of them can´t read and it is so interesting how much that one thing affects everything in their lives. We were able to help Hna. Auristel with her back to school papers for her 4 year old son, Jose. She was so grateful for our help and the next day was so excited to see us again that she ran to grab chairs from her house for us to sit in! She is the same lady who we helped wash clothes with last week! 

-Welp...fleas officially are not my amigos (friends)...I have approximately 28 flea bites on my legs and they itch like crazy sometimes! But whatevs! :) NO WORRIES! :)
-Oh my heavens it is so stinkin hot! I seriously am constantly sweating...sorry a little gross...but yeah! :/
-We had a fun ward party on Sat...with lots of missionaries we made la causa (a potato layered dish often with tuna or chicken salad)...for about 50 people...took most of the day...but our barrio (ward) loved it! 

Inline image 2

 This is the causa (layered potato dish) we made as missionaries in our ward for the ward party! :) yum...yum...yum! I sure am going to miss Hna.Huayton! She has been such a special part of my mission! This change (transfer time) sure was full of miracles!

INSPIRATIONALES Y FUNNIES: Soc. Soc. (Relief Society) yesterday we talked about being diligent constantly...and having patience with ourselves. What a blessing...I sure needed to hear that! 
-JAJA! (Ha Ha!) Yesterday as we were walking down the street a little girl pulled on her mom´s arm and said, "Mami mira!" (Mommy look!!) as she pointed at me the first gringa (female North American) she had seen in her life...I must have looked like an alien...with the sweat glistening on my red face! jaja! (ha ha!) Gotta love it! We sure got a good laugh out of it! :)

Inline image 3
 Photo with Hermana Huayton in the reflection of a "mirror building" during a normal day of missionary work!

Wow! I sure love you all! Please pray for me to have strength and to work hard! :)

So much love,
Hermana Coleman :D

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