Monday, September 7, 2015

Temple grounds, LDS Family Services, Saul, Southern Español :D FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS BREE!!!!! 10!

Aug. 31, 2015:

I Love you so much and I so hope you had the best b-day ever! This is a pic in front of the big market close to our room! I'll be sending some other pics with your sign! 

Love you so much and hope you had tons of fun at the Nikelcade! I was eating pizza on Saturday night thinking of you! :D We were probably eating pizza at the same time!

All my love!
Your sis!
Hermana Jennesa Coleman :D

Incredible Fam and friends!!!! :D
LOVES TO YOU ALL here from Trujillo Peru...Vista Alegre!

This week we were able to take our two recent converts, Luciana and Elena to the temple grounds! It was a little chilly but it was soooo worth it! We didn't tell them where we were going and they got excited and gasped when we entered into the temple gates! We were able to thank them for being such great examples in our lives and tell them how wonderful the temple is and how it can be there proximo meta! We were able to take pics and enjoy the night with them! They are both so sweet and humble!

With Elena and Luciana (14) at the temple!
(The wind was going crazy that night!!)

I have been feeling and thinking really trunkie lately and I don't like it. So I am really working to just lose myself in the work more and more. I am so grateful for this time that the Lord has blessed me with to be a missionary...a representative of my older brother Jesus Christ! What an incredible opportunity to prepare myself for my future! :D And to make these wonderful relationships with the amazing people of Perú! I just love them all sooooo much!!!! :D

In one of our lessons this week with our investigator, Saúl he had so many questions! He saw that in the back of the pamphlet (Plan of Salvation) there is a space with questions and scriptures that go along with them and he got all excited and wanted to fill them all out with us! So we were able to help him fill some of them out! He is golden in our lessons...but still hasn't realized the importance of coming to hopefully he will be able to realize the blessings him and his family can receive from this wonderful gospel! :D

-I would love some blue tape (that doesn't remove paint from walls) and stamps if possible! :D
-We caught the rat on film this week! Weeee hoooo! 
-We were also able to order Pizza Hut! Whoooo Hoooo!

-So this past week we were walking and this guy passed us on a motorcycle and he was blowing kisses at us...oh golly! Well he was paying a little too much attention to us and skidded his front tire on the curb and almost crashed! Oh buddy! We were laughing so hard...but thank heavens he didn't crash! :D
-We decided to try and talk in Spanish with a Southern accent one afternoon while proselyting and it was too funny! Try it some time! ;D
-Wow! So I was able to have a wonderful experience during my personal studies this week. I have really been struggling thinking about my future and what I want to do for my career...because I have always wanted to be a mother in the home for my kids...but I also really want to gain an education and a career to fall back on to be prepared for anything. So I was reading in PME and I came across a bullet point in capitulo (Chapter)10 I think that talks about LDS Family Services and I had this amazing feeling come over me and I just stopped and thought. Wow! That is what I would love to do...I really want to help people...especially families, in the church, etc! So that was really neat. I really don't know that much about LDS Family Services...but I am really excited to look into it when I get home! :D

Love you all so much!!!! 
Thank you for all your support! Keep smiling and being good examples for all those around you! I KNOW that this church is so true!
Hermana Coleman :D
We had fun on a park stump last comp decided to sit on the bench but this random stump was in the I went and wrote in my journal on it! So fun! 

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