Tuesday, January 6, 2015


A little overview of our skype session to music!!

The chicken foot snack story!!!

It was soooo fun to be able to SEE and talk with Jennesa on Christmas!  We were grateful to hear that she was feeling a little better!  She told us some fun things about Peru, and we all laughed together, and then we all cried, and then we laughed and cried!  It was so incredible and absolutely filled our hearts to get to talk with her!  We are sure proud of her and how hard she is working and how optimistic she is being!
This was the best Christmas present ever!
Sure love you, Hermana Coleman!  Keep up the great work!!  Adios!!!

This is a picture of when we got to talk with Hermana Guevara, too!  We were excited to get to thank her for the kindness and love she showed to Jennesa when she took care of her while she was sick!  What sweet companions they are!  
We felt so grateful to her for her love to Jennesa!!
Tender mercies from our Heavenly Father!

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