Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #14--Learning how to fly, sticky note fun, ejercisios?

 Happy New Years!
Holy Smokes...I cannot believe that it is 2015! Spence is going to graduate this year...que en el mundo (what in the world)...and leave on a mission...this is my peruvian year...Caden is going to be a dating and driving machine ;), Bree is going to be in 4th grade!!, Jogi...baptized!!!!!!, Hunt...a teacher!!!!, and mom and dad amazing as ever!!! 

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This picture is celebrating on New Year's with
Hermana Guevara in their apartment!!

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 Our package from the marvelous Orchard 13th Ward! When Hna. (Sister) Guevara found out that they had sent 2 of everything...she was so excited and amazed! She loved reading all the quotes and cute notes! And we LOVED all the treats! Oh buddy! So yummy! What an amazing love and support! GRACIAS...GRACIAS...GRACIAS!!! Packages are pure gold...what a fun surprise! This picture basically sums it all up! 

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 Christmas Eve! Gotta love our pjs! Mine match REALLY well...but I had to wear my christmas turtle neck! :D There were lots of fireworks we were able to watch from our window! Pretty neat to have Christmas in the mission...interesting...because Christmas is really about Christ and relationships...not things! 

Dear Amazingly Wonderful and Marvilloso Familia y Amigos (marvelous family and friends)! 

I sure do love you all so much! :) I just want to thank you once again for all support and prayers! I can sure feel them helping and pushing me along. 

This week was better...we were able to have a fun Districto BBQ on Mon. and of course on our burgers we had a fried egg...because that is just how you do it down here in good ole Peru! ;) So yummy...but really unhealthy! 

We were able to have a neat experience with an investigator, Maria. She lives in Contadores...which is a more dangerous and poor area of our area. It is pretty far from where we live too. Anyways we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Night) planned for Tues. night...but we were running really late...Hna. Guevara was thinking it would be too dangerous for us to go only because we would have to walk a ways to get to the main road to get a taxi back and because I would have my violin cuz they really wanted me to bring it! :) I really thought we should go...but wasn`t sure after all the thoughts about danger, etc. So in our room I said a prayer and really felt like we should go and that she would be in her house...because sometimes she isn`t...I tried my best to voice my idea and thoughts to Hna. Guevara which is kind of hard in these situations...but she understood and so we went with a taxi and I was literally praying the whole time we were driving...and what a miracle...but they were home and waiting for us! They thought we had forgotten about them! Oh I forgot to mention that she doesnt have a cell phone so it is even harder to check if she is home or not...anyway...we were able to have a quick thought with them, violin, and then we asked Maria to say the closing prayer...and it was INCREDIBLE! Hna. Guevara told her to include all her feelings and she really TALKED with Heavenly Father! It was all worth it in that moment! And to put the cherry on the cake...we didn`t have to walk in the dangerous part to the main road because Maria offered to drive us back in her mototaxi! Heavenly Father is so involved in our lives! Sorry if that was really confusing! Spanish and English are mixing in my mind and I`m trying to type fast! :) Gotta love it! 

One of our investigators, Teresa, has been taking care of her mom for 6 years. Her mom is bedridden and she is so frail...but Teresa is so kind and selfless. It is really tough, because of this she can´t attend church...but we were able to visit her and I told her that I really hope I can be as good of a daughter as she is! :) What a good example of service! 

I actually left the coop and flew for a little bit this week! :) I missed my madre...but all was well! We did a work visit with Hna. (abreviation for Sister) Ascencio and Hna. Mathis! So I went and worked in their area with Hna. Ascencio! It was hard...but neat! I was able to learn some really good tips from her and she made me feel so good and was so patient with me!

Oh my heavens! So one of the referrals from Bro. Chu-Jon...Cecilia is in my area! And we have been to her house 3 times! She is so kind to us and I feel like she is warming up to us! We left a heart of sticky notes on her door! :) What a miracle that she is actually in my area of all of Trujillo!  

-We have been leaving lots of sticky notes on peoples doors...with fun quotes and smiley faces on them! 
-Oh my! We have run to about 3 of our meetings because our lessons go long...we always laugh and say...well more ejercisios! (exercises) :) I guess I did XC for a reason! ;)
-the video "El arbol en tu camino" (The Tree in your Path) is amazing! I think it takes place in neat! Watch it!
-Found sweet note from Jeni Smith in my pencils from her greenie package she sent months ago...found it during a hard moment! :)
-Chinese food from Hna. Licha! Yummy!
-Laundry craziness! 

-While buying ice cream-it was called sin parar (without stopping)....but I called it "sin pagar" (without paying) ok...I guess its free! thanks! :)
-We have a referral named Lorenzo Morales...during planning...Hna G said...ok...Lorenzo Snow! :)
-Alma 14-what a neat chapter about Alma and Amulek...whenever I am having a bad day I just need to remember them and their "bad days" on their mission. I cannot even imagine. We need to remember Heavenly Father and the Lord in our trials because they always remember us! :)

I love you all so much! Remember that Heavenly Father is our Father and He is so loving! :) 
Keep smiling!
Hermana Coleman :D

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