Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #15--El Templo!!!!!!! "girl version of Clark Kent", and ya gotta love toes!

Jan. 19, 2015!!
The first little written part came second with the photo . . . her main letter is below the photo.  Enjoy!

*One of her Spanish teachers in the Missionary Training Center told her that learning Spanish is like watching your fingernails grow . . . thus her reference to "My fingernails are growing!"--She is feeling some good progress with the language.  :)


We were able to go to the Huaca de el Sol and Huaca de la Luna this last week for Preparation-day as a zone! It was really dusty and windy and pretty hot...but fun to be together and to have fun together! The ruins were kind of interesting too! The cool thing was I was kind of able to understand the tour guide! ha ha! My fingernails are growing! poco a poco! (little by little) Pictures take so long to I get to keep typing to you! Whooo Hoooo! I am so grateful for you all! What a blessing it is to feel the love and prayers from you all! 

Oh, I forgot these things in my email....HAPPY B-DAY GRAMMIE!!!!! (yesterday) I sure love you! And I'm kind of freaking out that Caden is going to be 16 on Wed! No way Jose! Kind of crazy! I sure hope you have so much fun dating good girls and driving the green bean! When do you get your license? So much fun but kind of crazy sauce! Please don't grow up too fast...all of you! 

This pic is taking so long to load! :( I´m about to just cancel´s not even that worth it...selfie with the ruins! oh whooo hooo! Loves!

Inline image 1

Dear amazing familia y amigos (family and friends) !!!!

How is everyone? I hope you are all doing so great! I sure love you all and appreciate your prayers and support!

Okie dokie......DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......We finally have the dedication date for the temple!!!!!!!!! 21st of June!!!!!! Holy exciting! The doors will be open for all people 8 May-30 May! Sooooo exciting! What a blessing! The sad thing is that Hna. (Sister) Guevara (her current companion and trainer) ends her mission the week before 21 June! :( 

This week was another week...most times I sit down at the computer to email and I am like...que en el mundo (what in the world)...what did we do this week...time is so interesting on the mission...sometimes time is like a little turtle and other times it flies! So crazy! Another Preparation-day...what? Wow! That's all I can say! 

We were able to have interviews with President Marler (Mission President) this week! So special! I am always so amazed at how President Marler is so in tune with the my interview I heard things that I really needed to hear and it was so special! What an incredible man...a third father...Presidente Marler is to me! I have also been called as an English tutor for my I need to think of some fun ways I can help motivate the latinos (Latins) in my district with their English books and tests! Posiblemente galletas! (Possibly cookies) :) 

We were able to contact a lot of people this the parks...the taxi drivers...etc! We were able to have lots of lessons with miembros (members of the Church) this week too...which was great! 

OK I have a story and it is kind of a sad story...but it has a good lesson at the end...:)
Friday night I probably taught the worst lesson I have ever taught. It was REALLY frustrating...because we didn´t communicate as a companionship, my Spanish was horrible, it was super hot-I was sweating up a storm, one of our investigators was falling asleep and uggggghhhh! Nothing was making sense...the spirit wasn't there. I went the wrong way in the lesson...teaching things to investigators that they had no idea about and to make it even worse our member present...awesome 16 year old girl...who I love! :) she followed my lead! :( Anyway...afterwards I was really let down and frustrated and Hna. Guevara asked why I had taught what I had taught and it was honestly just kind of like a slap in the face...especially when you know you have made a huge mistake and then someone tells you once again! I was really struggling...I went into the lovely bathroom before our planning session and let it out...cried for a few minutes...then as I was washing my hands...I realized I am here in Peru for a reason...I am here to be an instrument in the hands of my Savior to teach my brothers and sisters who need the gospel. I prayed really hard for the Spirit to be with me as I planned and for me to be humble and to accept criticism humbly. The change was AMAZING! Hna. Guevara and I were able to talk things out...calmly and humbly and we were able to have the spirit with us as we planned! Whew...when we go through tough times...we can choose how we are affected by it. I am not very good at this...but it is neat to see some small progression.

-So I have lovely ingrown toenails and they have been bugging me lately...they are really yesterday I had an "interview" with Presidente and he dug into my toes and tried to remove the problem part of my toenail that was causing the inflammation. Oh buddy...let's just say my toes are a little sore this morning. 
-One night...Hna. G and I were really hungry so we each bought 4 big bananas for 1 sol (~ 3 soles to 1 U.S. dollar)! Gotta love it! 
-Hna. Cecilia went to the Young Adult Noche de Hogar last night!!!!! Whoooo Hoooooo!
-MAIL!!!!!!!! from: Grammie y Grandpa (package), Orchard 4th y 10th ward cub scouts, Grundvigs (package), Elder Spackman (letter), Bishopric (letter) GRACIAS!!!!! MAIL IS GOLD HERE!!!! 
-Oh buddy! I have a really bad tan line/sunburn on my neck! 
-Oh cold showers...our heater stopped working! Luckily it has been hot lately! :)

-So I'm not sure why but Pres. Marler has made many comments about my hair...cuz I never wear it when I do he makes a big deal about it. I wore it down for my interview on Tues...just for him. As I was leaving my interview he told me that i was like a girl version of Clark Kent...take out the ponytail and take off the glasses and walaa! ha ha! Gotta love Pres!
-Studied about the reunion of the sons of Mosiah and Alma today! Loved it! Ch 17...especially verse 5 because we need hard times to make us stronger and good missionaries! I love thinking about my friends and family out serving along with me! :)

Love you all so stinkin much!!!!
Hermana Coleman :D

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