Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week #13--Wow! A PERUVIAN year!!! :D

Dear incredible familia y amigos! :)

I sure miss you all and am so grateful for all the fun memories we have had together! Thanks again for all the support and amazing love and prayers tambien (too)! :)

This week was tough...but whew...what a blessing the Lord and fasting is! I have really been overwhelmed and frustrated with the language during the last week and it has been tough...but I just have to remember poco a poco (little by little) and that Jesus Christ knows exactly what I am going through and that Heavenly Father sends angels to be with us on our right and on our left to buoy and lift us up! HE NEVER LEAVES US ALONE!! What a comforting fact...because at times I feel kind of alone down here in Peru...but with Heavenly Father we are NEVER alone! 

So it has been really tough with our investigatores lately because none of them are really progressing...they say they will do things but then don't really end up doing them. So we are really learning the virtue of pacienca (patience)! We have started teaching Karen all the lessons over that she can really understand them and gain a testimony...because we realized she doesn't have one. I was able to basically lay it down for her that this is her decision...we can bear our testimonies over and over but she needs to pray for herself and find out for herself. 

We were able to teach a new investigator, Kimberly. She is 12 and her dad passed away only 2 months ago. She is very sweet and I feel this connection with her already...we invited her to church yesterday and we even went to pick her up but she wasn't home...none of our investigators came yesterday. We were really feeling down and out...but I was able to have a really neat experience during sacrament meeting. I realized that EVERYONE is important...I had to look around me and realize that even though none of our investigators were there lots of other souls were there! And that we could not give up on our investigators! :) What a blessing that fast Sunday was yesterday too! During my studies yesterday morning this was my entry in my study journal:
Alma 9:6
¨And they said Who is God, that sendeth no more authority than one man (or two girls) among this people, to declare unto them the truth of such great and marvelous things (question mark)¨
Wow! I love how each time I read the LDM (The Book of Mormon) different things pop out at me. I love this verse because the people of Ammonihah are doubting the power Alma has as a missionary...but I realized that our Heavenly Father wants to spread his message of the gospel by those who are humble and contrite and in simple ways as well. By small and simple things...great things come to pass! As a missionary I cannot doubt my calling...even though the language is really hard and it is so frustrating when people don't understand what I am trying to teach them...I have my testimony! I KNOW this is the true church of jusus christ. I cannot forget that this knowledge and light is all I need. I cannot let others make me doubt my authority that god has given to me to teach the people of trujillo, peru! 

-I am now a true peruvian because I now crave planeton!!!! :) So stinkin good!
-My neck is a ¨little¨ sunburned
-My new phrase is OY!
-No coin jar! :(...the people here won't be able to change my coins for peruvian i guess i'll just keep collecting! 

-I found this note in my scriptures:
¨Hna. Coleman
Love you!!! :D
Cada dia se aprende diferentes cosas pero usted aprenda solo escuchar al Espiritu es muy dificil pero en la mision eso es el idioma que todo los misioneros entendemos:
Feliz Ano Nuevo y que en este ano todo sea lo mejor:  ATT: Hna. Guevara (madre)¨ Translated--"Sister Coleman, Love you!!! :D Every day you learn different things but you learn to listent to the Spirit of God.  It is difficult, but in missionary work the Spirit of God is the language that all missionaries understand.  Happy New Year and may this be the best year ever!  Sister Guevara (mother/trainer)"
--Sleep talk in Spanish (I guess I was inviting and promising about the blessings of baptism in my if i can do that in real life!)
-Sangudos (mosquitos)...our best friends! We both have more bites! AAAAhh! Esta bien! No se preocupais (don't worry about us)! :)

Familia (Family)!!!
How was Spence's surgery
I would love a paragraph about everyones christmas break!!!! 
Jarrett! I loved your email!
Skype afterwards was a little tough but I was so grateful for that time with you all! loved it!
we have cell phones...we see our district twice a week...pdays and meetings...mission home 10 minutes away in taxi, it varies how often we see them...once a month if not more.
Love you all so much!

If possible could you email me the talk Cerrad Vuestros Corazones (Lock Your Hearts)-Pres. Spencer W. kimball...but in English

Love you all so much! You are all so great! :)
Hermana Coleman :D

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