Monday, March 16, 2015

5 months (last week!), templo, Mercado de Papas, Antonio!

Mis querida familia y amigos!!!!! 
Oh I love you all so much!!! :)

This week we were able to have a really neat Capacitacion de Zona (Zone Conference) on Wed. I was able to participate in a special musical number with Hna. Smith and Hna. Afoa...we incorporated singing, violin, and piano with the hymn "Come Come Ye Saints"! It was neat to be able to practice and perform with them! I actually sang a was only one line...but hey! Spence y Hunt...ya proud of me? :) What a blessing! In our meeting I learned lots about how we can better plan and study! Wow! Also how we can have more excitement to contact everyone about this amazing gospel message we have to share! The same day of our conference, Hna. Huayton and I were able to put into practice lots of the great things we learned and our day was amazing! We both felt so great by the end of the day because we had worked really hard and we had seen miracles! We were able to find many new investigatores by contacting and by serving! We were in a part of our area...Mercado de Papas...which is very humble....but I LOVE it! We were able to help a woman, Eurestella wash her clothes...she was super sweet and we were able to laugh and joke with her and share about the gospel with her! Her neighbors were pretty surprised that we were washing her clothes for her and they started joking and yelling out..."Hey!  Everyone! Bring your clothes for these girls to wash!" jaja! What a neat feeling...I sure love service! And how neat when the people actually ask for your help! How humble...what neat examples to me! 

Hno. Antonio came to church yesterday!!!!! Remember him...we ran a couple times with him and his sister Lucero way early in the mornings...Whoooo Hooooo! He is also taking Mission Prep classes at the Institute building! What a neat and amazing miracle! He has opened up so much in our lessons! I LOVE seeing the change in people´s eyes and countenances when they start following the commandments and are able to receive the blessings of this incredible gospel! How neat and special! He is really thinking about a amazing! 

This week we went to the temple to pedir referencias (get referrals) for the last time...what a blessing it has been to have this special calling this cambio (transfer)! We sure were able to have some neat experiences with contacting people...because a huge cemetary is right next to the temple and so we are able to share the Plan of Salvation with this people. I was able to talk with a sweet woman who lost her son 9 years ago...I told her about my brother who had passed away also...almost 12 years ago. I have a pic of Hyrum (as well as all of you :)) in my scriptures...because I love showing people my family when I can! So I was able to show her the is still hard to convey all of my feelings in Espanol...but I made sure to give her an extra strong and loving hug to make sure she felt my love for her! :) 

Also we had an intercambio (went on splits) this week with our hermana leaders...and I was comps with my AMAZING MOM (they call their very first companion their "Mom") once again! So fun to be with Hermana Guevara again! She gave me some good tips and it was so neat to actually be able to teach better with her in comparison to my first couple of weeks! What tender mercies when we can see our progression, right? 

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-Holy Cow...I totally crave Coleman Classics here! I really should try to make them one of these next couple of P-days! :)
-Mail Update: Mimi y Papa, Sis. Gunnell, E. Longhurst, y PACKAGE FROM FAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo Hooooo! We sure loved all the goodies! Holy Smokes! Hna. Huayton was so touched and excited about all of HER gifts too! Thanks so much! 
-Dogs and kids were a difficulty in our lessons this week...but 'tis ok! No se preocupe! :D

-Hna. Huayton and I love to sing hymns together and sometimes we randomly go into lovely opera voices! Gotta love it! As we are walking down the street...most people prob think we are really crazy! :D
-Yesterday I was frustrated with Hna. Huayton...because after church we kind of had a little disagreement, and it is always hard in these situations to explain myself in Spanish...well, while she was in the bathroom...I opened up my scriptures to where I had left off and this was the scripture I read.
Alma 34:31..."Yea, I would that ye would come forth and harden not your hearts any longer; for behold, now is the time and the day of your salvation; and therefore, if ye will repent and harden not your hearts, IMMEDIATELY shall the great plan of redemption be brought about unto you."
Wow! Wake up call...I was being prideful and I needed to soften my heart. Also..."immediatey" was boxed in red...i needed to act then not wait! What a testimony builder that the scriptures are for US personally!"

I sure love you all so stinkin much!!!!!
Hermana Coleeeeman :D 

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