Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week #21 -- Ojos para milagros (look for miracles)!, 5:10 AM, Lima con HNA. SOUTH! (to Lima with Sister South), Templo (Temple)!

Mar. 2, 2015:

Dear incredibly amazing Familia y Amigos (Family and Friends) !!!!!
Just wanted to let you all know that I love you all so stinkin much! And I am so so stinkin' excited right now because I just read that Spence got into the Y!!!!!!! And that Erin Kelly is coming to PERU!!! The mission right next to mine...and we actually might be in the same mission because of the split this June! Holy Cowages! :)

Anyway! :)

This week we were able to run really early in the morning with two of our menos activos (less active members), Antonio (21) and Lucero (16). Lucero is basically an alma rescitada (a reactivated member) because she attends church each week with all her little siblings...but we still need to teach her most of the lessons. Her brother Antonio had a bad experience with the church a few years ago when he was getting his mission papers ready so he really doesn´t want anything to do with the church. Well we had a NDH (FHE--Family Home Evening) with their family last Lunes (Monday) and afterwards Antonio got home from a run...he hurriedly said hi to us and went to his room...but my lovely comp kept continuing the conversation by asking him questions...because he could still hear us. Gotta love her! We found out he liked to we decided that we would all run in the morning...but Lucero had school at 6:30 so we had to meet at 5:20! Whew! Sacrifices! So worth it...little by little Antonio is beginning to open up! The Lord sure knows us and loves us! 

This last Viernes (Friday) I was able to go to Lima for my visa with our group in the CCM (MTC--Missionary Training Center) !!!! Hermana SOUTH! (my companion from the CCM), Tonga, and Hansen! It was so fun to talk and spend time with my sistas! Hermana South and her comp were able to sleep over in our room for two that was super fun too! ...on the plane ride back I was able to sit by a stranger instead of another missionary...which was a huge blessing! I was actually able to have a conversation with him and tell/show him pictures of my family and talk to him about the gospel! We talked about the temple, a summary of Lesson 1...with the folleto (pamphlet)...y otros preguntas (and other questions)! It was really neat! He was actually pretty receptive and was very kind and patient with my Spanish! :) I always feel so good when I can share this neat gospel with others! 

Hna. Huayton and I were able to go to the temple this week...we sit at a booth in front of the temple and contact people who walk by and also answer questions! It was really fun...we brought along our investigator Karen and an amazing member, Tania, who is getting ready to put her mission papers in! It was super fun! I was able to bring along my violin and play hymns and I love to see the temple! What a fun blessing! 

So Domingo (Sunday) we went to pick up our golden investigator, Mishell for church! She was a reference from las hermanas (the Sisters) and she is amazing! She is 13 and the first time we were able to contact her was last week on Sabado (Saturday)...we invited her to church the next day and she accepted! Last week she was so cute and got all ready WITH a skirt and everything! She is so sweet...and we have been able to meet with her! Well we went to pick her up yesterday and her grandma...who is basically her mom because her mom didn´t take care of her when she was younger...answered the door. She is really intimidating and she basically told us that Mishell couldn´t come with us and that when she was old enough to choose for herself she could choose...but now was not the time. The part that ripped out a part of my heart was when I saw sweet Mishell in the back ground all ready with her skirt on and everything! Please pray for Maria for her heart to be softened! And for sweet MIshell! :)

-We switched pensionistas (cooks)...kind of sad...because Hna. Licha was like my second mom...but everything has a reason! :) my pensionista is Hna. Rosa! :) She is very sweet...isn´t a member...YET! :)
-Tons of rain on Miercoles (Wednesday)! Whew! :)

-When Hna. South and I got back from the airport it was about 11:30pm and we didn´t have keys so we had to yell our companions names...luckily our window was open! :) Hna. South´s comp yelled back..."Somos catolicas (We are Catholic)!" haha! eventually they softened their hearts and let us in! :)
-Oh my heavens we were able to watch "Gracias a El" (Because of Him) the video with one of our family of investigators! That video is incredible! Goosebumps of the spirit everytime! Watch it! 

So much love you can´t even imagine it! 
Hermanita Coleeeeeman! :D

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