Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #20 -- Milagros TIME, Faith, Trust in the Lord's plan, CHURCH!

Dear wonderful family and friends! 

Wow another week has come and gone! Hna. Huayton is seriously a milagro (miracle) here in our area! She is so amazing at connecting with people...I swear she knows someone that each of our investigators know! :) Ha ha! Her fun attitude and spirit makes everyone want to talk to her...what a blessing she is to me and for our ward and area! :)

Wow...this week was sure full of miracles and faith building experiences. I have really had to think about faith lately and really rely on the Lord´s plan for me and realize that El sabe...todos (He knows . . . everything)! :) Saturday night I had a really high fever and have been sick...but Sunday was incredible! We were able to pick up tons of our investigators and menos activos (less active members) to come to church! :) In my mission so far...Sunday mornings are usually very stressful and disappointing...but yesterday was very different...the Lord sure works in mysterious ways. My body was very weak and I felt like my head was in a cloud but we were able to go out to Neuvo Santa Rosa and pick up investigators and menos activos (less active members)! We didn´t let Satan win! :) 

Wednesday we had a wonderful milagro (miracle)! As we were teaching this Testigo de Jehovah (Jehovah's Witness) couple in their store...they were asking us lots of different random questions and we had been there for too long...but as we were ending our lesson with them a lady came up to the gate with her cute little daughter to buy something...she saw my name tag and she asked if we were missionaries from the Mormon church. We got excited and said yes...and as we left and started talking with her we found out that she was a member! :) She has been less active for a little more than a year and she had been searching for the missionaries to help her go back to church! We were able to follow her back to her house, sing a hymn with my violin, and share some scriptures with her. Her husband isn´t a member...but it was really neat during her prayer at the end of our lesson because she totally started crying, while thanking Heavenly Father for the great blessing that we were able to find each other! :) We invited her to church and she accepted! :)...Well Sunday rolled around and we went to pick her up...when we knocked a man yelled..."Quien (who is it)?!"...I think it was her husband. We asked for Laura and then we waited...doubt started to fill my mind...just like every Sunday morning when people say they will come and don´t. But then after a couple more minutes the door opened and Laura was there in her skirt and her cute little daughter had a cute dress on...they were totally ready for church!!!! WHAT A BLESSING AND WONDERFUL PHOTO MEMORY IN MY MIND!!!!! Such a neat experience! :) 

Another neat miracle was during one our lessons...with our investigator Amelia...I was explaining part of the Plan of Salvation to her and some of her family...some of it was tough for me to explain and I felt like it was a little I asked if she had questions...she said she didn´t and I replied..."seguda ("seguro" -- are you sure) ?"...because I would if someone explained to me like I had to her...but she replied that she really admired my strength and my animos (desire) to speak Spanish...what a simple statement but I seriously needed it that day! What an answer to prayers! :)

*Saw a HUGE dog this´s eyes were so sad and a little creepy...I wish I had had my camera...he was HUGE!
*Cute Hna. Huayton always leaves sticky notes in my planner for me to find! :) 
*Deep cleaned our bathroom last preparation day...lots of fun! 

*Oh gosh...Hna. Huayton is a hoot...we laugh a ton! Which is so good for us! She is able to make jokes and help me not stress as much! She tells contacts jokes about chickens...etc! :) Gotta love her!
*OK don´t judge...this is a journal entry from Nov. 23, 2014...that I found this week...that actually helped me! :)
"Whew! I am really struggling to stay awake in church right now. It´s a problem when I sometimes struggle in English meetings...and then throw out the English and replace it with Espanol (Spanish)...oh dearest me. no bueno (not good)! I try to understand somethings but once I understand that thing the teacher is like five sentences ahead or more! Sometimes I really wonder if I will be able to understand all of this...OK here goes a vent session...I feel like when I say something negative I have to add something to the end to make it more positive than negative. ugggghhh! much Spanish! conjugating STINKS! I hate not being able to communicate how I want to and all I want to. I wish I could understand everything! I miss English meetings! hmmm...I´m frustrated. Sometimes I want to plop down on the sidewalk and quit......
BUT then I think about Jesus Christ, I think about my best friend in heaven before this life that I need to find, I think about Hna. Guevara and how strong she is and what a great example she is to me, I think of my patriarchal blessing, I think of my acceptance of my mission call and how I told the prophet I would do this, I think of the many prayers from my family, friends, and temple that have been strengthening me, I think of Hyrum working on his mission as well, I think of Jesus Christ walking side-by-side with me during this hard time...carrying me when I need Him and probably when I think I don´t because really, I NEED HIM EVERY HOUR!

Whew! I really needed this! This helped a ton! :D"

I sure do love you all...and always remember that HF (Heavenly Father) and his Son are always with us...they never leave us alone!


Hermana Coleeeeman! :D

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