Monday, June 15, 2015

Email works!!!, 8 MESES, Life is tough but great!, Dalí!!!!!

June 8, 2015:

Fam and friends!!!! Whoooo Hoooo! 
You don't know how excited I am to write you all! It was so wierd not to be able to write you all this last week...well all that I wanted to...and to be able to read your weekly emails! But whooo Hoooo! My email works now! 

I sure was thinking about you all these past two weeks with tons of Coleman Fam stuff happening! Summer! wierd is that?! Last days of school! Spence...graduation...and the temple! OH my heavens! So excited for you! I sure love you all to pieces! 

Wow...yesterday I celebrated 8 months in the mission! Isn't that so stinkin crazy?! month my half way mark...whew! Time flies! Ay ay ay! 

We have been able to do divisions where either me or Hna. Sarat proselyting with a member and the other goes with Hna. we are able to gets lots more done this way. It is a little odd being separated from my comps when I'm with the members...but it does help me speak more and get more time to talk. 

This past Saturday the elders had a baptism and we were able to invite lots of our investigators to it...and guess who came? Dalí and HER PARENTS and her little brother, Juana Amaranto and her two kids, Alexa (who reminds me of Bree!), Greissy (told her I want to name one of my girls Graci!) :D! It was sooooo incredible! last night we were able to talk with Hna. Dalí and her parents about her baptism...we have had many of these talks...but we decided in our weekly planning that we were going to be direct and talk about a date! Wow...her parents actually gave their permission! So we are praying so hard because her baptism will either be THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! or the 19th!!!!!!! Because we are waiting on the work schedule of her mom! Isn't that such a miracle?! Wow...I was so close to tears when I gave her a hug and was walking out the door...what a blessing to be able to see the fruits of our work! :D

-One night we were planning for the next day and Hna. Sarat had her water bottle on the window sill...and whew!!!! totally fell down all 4 floors...haha! Luckily no one was walking in the street! Whew! 
-We bought tons of yummy fruit from a fruit truck...they drive up and down the streets with speakers and call out! :)

-So a little girl had fun during a lesson with my fingernails! I LOVED my manicure afterwards! 

Oh and one of our investigators, Rita...we were able to take her to the temple open house with her two cute boys! :)

 Hna. Sarat did my hair last week! I loved it! She is so good! :) I am sure going to miss her!

-Ok...don't judge...I took it out and wala! jaja! We sure had a few laughs!

- But I sure love you all tons! Oh...for p-day today we are going to a dancing horse show! Should be interesting! 
-Was able to read some of "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" and I love how it says..."Sometimes we have missionaries who are so worried about offending people that in the process they never ever save them."

Wow right?! I need to open my mouth more! I sure love you all to bits!
Hermana Coleeeman :D

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