Monday, July 27, 2015

Ugliest legs ever :D, Multizona, Wilfredo! :)

July 20, 2015:

Dearest Family and Friends!!!! :D

Well this week definitley had it's ups and downs...just like life. We sure were able to see some amazing miracles though. What a fun surprise to have Hna. Marler and Elder Bond at our District Meeting this past Martes (Tuesday)! So nice to be able to talk with Hna. Marler (Mission President's wife)...I sure do love her hugs and being able to hear her speak and enlighten us! :D

We were able to have a wonderful Multi Zone Conference on Wed! What a blessing to be able to hear from Pres. Marler and his sweet wife and to be able to learn more and become more motivated to work and give my all in this great work. 

We were able to search out and finally find this family of about 8 people who are in the old ward directory of Barrio Jazmines. The Pelaez family. The dad, Wilfredo is sure an interesting character. He is 71 years old and his wife passed away about 20 years ago. They were all baptized in the late 80's, early 90's and they are all less active now. He fell into drinking and his life is very sad and he lives in very very humble circumstances. But his heart is so big and loving! We seriously love him! :D He always welcomes us into his humble little adobe house and offers us the only chairs he has...then he sits on the cinder blocks he has or a big tree branch. We were able to give him a pic of Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) and he was very grateful...but then he started praying to it!  :/ Welp...we knew that we needed to refresh the steps of a prayer with him. Well...this last week he was wanting to come to church and told us that he would be there at 8:30...expecting us to be waiting for him in the entrance...but he never showed up...then on Monday or Tuesday he called us..."mentirosas!"...or liars because we weren't there. Turns out he showed up at 9:30 expecting us to be in the entrance...but when we weren't he didn't even try to come in. Bummer...but this Sunday...yesterday...we were able to pick him up for church! So cute...he was all ready...with a clean shirt on and nice shoes...with his jeans and leather jacket...but he really did look nice. While we were walking to call a moto taxi...Hna. Maydana had her last pan (bread) from breakfast and she asked him if he had eaten...he really probably doesn't eat half the he was really excited about her meat sandwich for breakfast! He was so excited...with his LDM (Libro de Mormon--Book of Mormon) that we had given him with all the folletos (pamphlets) inside of it and his pic of Jesus! The members were so loving and welcoming! It really was a special day! :) Then we were able to have a lesson with him, after church. He LOVES to talk and talks a ton...but he said such an amazing prayer afterwards! Wow! 

This week has been really tough with my patience...and my humility...but Hna. Maydana and I are working together to make things work better!

We are working with Juana and her daughter Stefany...towards there baptism date the 29th of this month! Whooo Hoooo! Lots of prayers for Juana and Stefany please. Kind of really nerve-racking because cambios or transfers are the 28th and I have the longest time here of the hermanas in my zone. I LOVE Laredo so much...but what a blessing that the Lord has a plan for each of us and we can trust in Him.

Jennesa and Hermana Maydana loved
the granola bars from the package!!

-Okie dokie...I seriously think I have the ugliest legs ever...but what the hay! :D I counted and I officially have 69 bites on my legs...from when I last counted...and we have been playing soccer as a zone early in the mornings and now I have a nice purple and blue bruise on the side of my knee too! jaja! Gotta love it! (Don't worry mom...I have cream that I am starting to put on...I think they might be flea bites because they are different than my mosquito bites! Repellant isn't really working...and I am trying tights too!) 

-So we were teaching Christian Minchola (9)...with his family and as Hna. Maydana was teaching about the things we came down on Earth to do...or it might have been when Jesus was on the Earth...(things about his life). Welp...Erik (Christian's little brother) jumped right in and loudly asked, "Jeus tuvo una novia?!" (Jesus had a girlfriend?!" jaja! Oh my heavens! He definitley heard wrong...but we sure had a good laugh! He's 7! :)
-I sure love the song...Mountains to Climb! Look it up! It is so much fun and I love listening to it on P-days! The lyrics are great too! Oh and thanks so much for The Race poem mom! I shared it with the hermanas (Sister missionaries) in our room! Love it!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Coleman :D

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