Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Goodbyes :(, Miembros!, Barachos, Communication, and last but not least...Enya! :)

June 29, 2015:

Fantastic familia y amigos!!! :D

Wow! This week seemed so long...because a week ago...Hna. Sarat was still here in Centenario 2 with us...but now she is in Guatemala. Tuesday was really tough for me to say goodbye...especially because I had to say goodbye to all of my previous companions also. Hna. Guevara and Hna. Huayton. There were many tears shed...but what great memories I have treasured in my heart from these great missionaries! Each of them helped me change a part of my life for the better. What a blessing to know each of them! 

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Saying goodbye to Hermana Sarat!!

This week in our reunion de distrito (of our district) we talked about lessons with our investigatores and how important it is to have members present in these lessons. We made the goal as a district to have 12 lessons with members present for each companionship. To be honest I was really doubtful when we made this goal...because the weeks previously we had had very few. But it was incredible this week and we were really able to focus on calling the members ahead of time and really thinking which member would be the best for each of our investigators. We were so excited...and then last night we came short of 1 lesson with a member we didn't quite make our goal...but we were able to have 11 lessons with members present this week! I honestly was soooo bummed last night because I thought our Noche de Hogar (Family Night) would count with our investigator present but the elders taught the lesson and as Hna. Maydana and I talked we realized that our investigator didn't really understand the lesson. A bummer...but I have to remind myself to look at the good things and the good we were able to accomplish. We really were able to see miracles with the members who were able to accompany us in lessons! It was incredible! And now we know how we can better ourselves in this indicador. 

Yesterday I was really struggling because we had many "casi"'s...or close goals...which can be so frustrating! :( We worked really hard to teach the family of William and Jesica (menos activos) all of their lessons and we finished with a miracle Saturday night! They just needed to attend church for all 3 hours the next day! They came to Sacrament Mtg. and they even paid their tithing...which was so incredible! What a blessing to see! Then they told us that they were leaving to go to Viru for a birthday celebration. What a bummer! So close... Also our investigator, Juana was on date for 11 of July with her little daughter, Stephany...but they weren't able to come to church yesterday so we have to move their date. It was a tough day yesterday...but Hna. Maydana and I were able to have a good talk and realize that we can be better in many different areas and we can try new things. This is a learning process for sure. And the Lord is ALWAYS with us! 

We got this picture from another missionary Mom!
What wonderful Hermanas!!

Oh and Dalì...her parents are not ready to give their permission for her to be baptized...well they gave their permission...but they keep giving excuses and won`t settle on a we are now focusing on her parents and helping them feel of the truth. MIRACLE!!! Their whole family came to sacrament meeting yesterday! So with time...I know they will come to know the truth! :)

I want to thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts for Dalì and my other wonderful investigatores. Each day is a process and soon these wonderful people will be able to come to know the truth and enter the waters of baptism. :)

-Wow...for some reason this week we had two encounters with barachos (drunks)...weird...and honestly I was kind of shaken up...but I was able to learn something neat from these interesting moments. Christ talked to drunks and He LOVED THEM!!! I was thinking as I was looking in the tired, sad, red eyes of one of these men that still he is a child of our Heavenly Father, just like we all are. And we need to love them like He did.  
-Communication is key. Hna. Maydana and I were able to have some really good talks this week...with some tears...but our relationship is getting so much better! :)
-jaja! Mom...Hna. Marler has Enya music in the file of music we can listen to on p' each p'day i love listening to it! it reminds me of you and my yoga class in high school! :) 

-I LOVED the packages! Wow! Seriously what spoilage! Thanks so much...seriously! What a miracle...the Lord really knows when we need certain things! It seems like I always get mail or packages when I am struggling the most! We LOVE the study gum...I taught Hna. Maydana what study gum we are able to use it for our studies! 
-Can't remember if I told you guys...but in two of our lessons I asked the person if they could awaken us with a closing prayer...because the word for "send us off" and "awaken us" is sooo stinkin similar in spanish! jaja!
-Last night as I was searching for help and consuelo...I opened up to my mission plaque scripture how neat right? Alma 26:12! Love it! And this one too...Alma 36:3..."whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."

Love you all so much!
Hermana Coleman :D

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