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Week #39 -- "Wow! You have the same eyes as Jesus!", surprise facials, TALENTOS, y fires :)

July 6, 2015:

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Jennesa's captions for the photos

Photo 1) I want to send more...but my computer is really slow...I will try in a bit! We were able to have a fun SHOW DE TALENTOS (talent show) ! As a ward activity...and boy does the Centenario ward have talent! So fun! :) I was able to play some of "Millonares Hoedown"...thanks for the music mom! Luckily it doesn't really matter...because I wasn't able to practice and it didn't sound to good! But ah well! :)

Photo 2) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! We made sure to celebrate! We ate some ice cream to fill in the cracks of our stomaches...cuz we were stuffed...but we started our fast it was totally worth it! I drew a nice American flag in my planner too! Hope you all had a good one and enjoyed the fireworks for me!

Photo 3)  I LOVE THIS! Hna. Guevara gave it to me in all the stuff she left for me! So stinkin cute! :) (rough translation--"Anything worth having is worth fighting for!")

My incredible family and friends! 

Just sayin' I love you all a bunch and a half! Thanks again for all your support and love...I sure need it and LOVE it! :) You all don't know how much I love your emails, letters, and packages! Thanks for making me smile! :D

Wow...the weeks just keep passing...I really can't believe that I will hit my 9 month mark tomorrow. I have had a couple of really emotional prayers...with the thought that my mission is already half way over...but with the joys and feelings of comfort that I get to become better in these next 9 months! :) 

I have been learning how to better "talk" with my Heavenly Father through my prayers...and I LOVE IT! It really is so special and I feel so much closer to Him when I am able to let out all my feelings and that He understands me COMPLETELY! :) 

Hna. Maydana and I were able to receive some packages from Hna. Guevara this past week! So fun to hear from "my mom" (First companion in the mission field/trainer) and Hna. Maydana's "grandma"! :) 

We were able to have an awesome activity this past viernes (Friday) with our ward...un SHOW DE TALENTOS (talent show)! It was a little frustrating because it was supposed to start at 6:30...but it ended up starting at 8:15...ay ay ay! So we had to leave during the show...but what we saw was amazing! So fun to see the excitement of the members and the investigators! 

Yesterday was really tough...we made many plans in how we could help people get to church...we called...we passed by to remind...and tried to pick them up...and everything fell through. We were really bummed...and during the Sacrament I was feeling really hard it is to work so hard and not be able to see any of the fruits of your labors...but during my prayer to end my fast after church...I realized that Jesus Christ, my Savior, worked his whole life...and He wasn't able to see all the fruits of his labors...his own people turned against Him. 

Then while talking to Hna. Maydana about how we were feeling...she reminded me about Joseph Smith tambien (too). How he gave his whole life for the gospel and he wasn't able to see many of the fruits. What a comfort! It is the patience that counts and the diligence to keep working and to keep striving! :) As you always reminded me, dad! :) the questions for a temple reccomend it doesn't say "Are you perfect ...?" it says "Are you striving ...?" I LOVE IT! :)

So as I told you last week...we were able to be blessed with 11 lessons with members present...and this week we almost ended up the with same problem...but a miracle took place! So last night we got back from a training for ward councils at about 8:15 and we had 11 lessons at this point...and we had a lesson scheduled with Anita...a cute 19 year old mom who is a converso reciente (recent convert)! mind was reeling...trying to think of how we could make our goal. We tried inviting a member but they weren't I took a deep breath and we had a good lesson with Anita...then as we were getting ready to say the closing prayer...Obispo (Bishop) Monzon...he was the old bishop (father in law of Anita)...told us he had a friend that he wanted to present to us. His sister in law was there and wanted to know more about Jesus. We were so excited to we were able to have her join us for the prayer and we were able to explain about prayer and the parts of a prayer! So neat! So we were actually able to have 12 lessons with members! So incredible how Heavenly Father works! :) What a blessing! 

-A sweet man in the street...who was a little drunk...told me..."Wow! You have the same eyes as Jesus!" I laughed...but as I'm thinking about it now...I need to TRY and have the same eyes as see people the way HE would.
-Wow!!! Don't know if you guys remember Michelle? The 13 year old girl whose grandma didn't want us to call her hermana? She lives in my old area...during my time with Hna. Huayton...but anyway! I found out that she was BAPTIZED!!!!!! :D How amazing is that right?
-Sad first area...Laureles 3 has been closed. :( 
-We were able to have surprise facials...from these ladies who were passing of our investigators...Juana...invited us! jaja! the member who was with us...loved it! And kept making jokes like...well...the blessings of taking time to go out with the missionaries! :)

-As we were explaining the sacrament to one of our rescued less actives and her grand daughter...she got excited and replied something like..."oh the bread is so's like different than the bread we eat normally...and the water! Oh how yummy!" So funny! She is so great!
-As I was praying one morning a thought entered my mind about our less actives and members...Everyone has a fire inside of missionaries sometimes we are here to help them keep it burning...others we may need to help relight...or others we may need/get to delight in the warmth of their fire and use it to help the fires of others! 

Let us rekindle our own fires this week and help relight the fire of others! 
Sure love ya all to the moon and back and to Perù and to Utah! That's a long way! :)
Hermana Coleman :D

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