Sunday, November 9, 2014

Going to the Temple in Bountiful, Utah!--Aug. 2, 2014

It was a beautiful day!
Going into the Bountiful Temple!

One of our first tender mercies was that our good friend, Shannon Wright, greeted us and got to be "Jennesa's Angel".  She was the temple worker assigned to help Jennesa the entire time! :-)  She is so filled with LOVE, that it set the tone for an entire day filled with the spirit of the Lord! Sis. Garff did an amazing job training her and Jennesa said she was really touched when she said, "Not only do you need to be here, but the Savior needs you to be here!"  She felt  loved in a very personal way from the Lord!

 That's one excited Dad!

What a blessing it is to be her Mom!  It was such a joy to get to be her escort and to see her embrace the temple with excitement and peace!  She is so prepared!

 We sure do love this girl and are so blessed for the amazing opportunities we are having with her!

 There were many friends, family and loved ones who came with us for the endowment to support Jennesa!  However, when we came out, the only one left to get a picture with was her cousin, Jaclyn!

 A couple more pictures in front of the temple!
When we came out of the temple to take pictures, we were excited to see one of Jennesa's Cross Country Coaches, Coach "Hoody" just after he was married!  It was so fun to see them!

 We had to get a silly one!

On the way home, Jennesa said she was just so grateful to be a member of this church and to have temples!  We all went out to lunch afterwards to celebrate!

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