Thursday, November 20, 2014

Last Family Picture Together!!

Gotta get a family picture before Jennesa leaves!!
Yeah!  We did it! 
Jarrett! (7 years!)
Jennesa and Jarrett! 
Bree (9 years)
Cute sisters!  Bree and Jennesa!
Hunter (13 years) 
Hunter and Jennesa!

Caden (15 years) 
Caden and Jennesa!  
Spencer (17 years)  
Spencer and Jennesa!

Jennesa (19 years)
Soon to be "Hermana Coleman"!

Mom and Jennesa!
I'm sure going to miss this girl!! 
But, we are sure excited for her to get to go serve in Peru!! 
Dad and Jennesa! 
Daddy's little girl! :-)
What sweet and amazing people these kids are! 
We are sooooo blessed!

What fun it is living life together with Landon!
Dad had Whitney jump in  for a picture with Jennesa!
Whitney was our awesome photographer!! 
Thanks, Whitney!  We love the pics!

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