Saturday, November 29, 2014

Life at home without Jennesa!!

While Jennesa was spending her first night in Trujillo,
we were having a Ward Missionary Night Celebration at home!!
All of the missionary mom's sang a Missionary Medley Song!
("I Hope They Call me on a Mission" and "I'll go Where you Want me to Go")
(We are standing in the order of when our missionary comes home!) 
Notice the order of the Mom's and the sweet picture of our daughters all serving missions!  How beautiful!

We got to wear missionary nametags with our
sweet daughter's names on them!!
It was an incredible night!

Caden made himself a "Jennesa" shelf in his room
with every single one of her mission pictures on it! 

Some Halloween fun with Jennesa and friends!!

The Spackman's posing with "Jennesa"!

When Bree and I miss Jennesa, we wear her clothes! 
So, here we are both wearing her shirts!
(We pretty much wear something of hers every day!) :-)

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