Saturday, November 15, 2014

Missionary Pictures!!

We went up to the Beautiful Bountiful Temple for
her missionary photo shoot!!

A beautiful girl with beautiful flower background!

She is super excited to be a missionary!!!
(If you come over to our house right now, you'll recognize this picture as the life size cut-out of Jennesa in the entry way!  It makes us smile every time we see her!)

"It will sure be neat when I can actually read this book!!"
(In Spanish!!)

 Best photo bomb ever! :-)

 We borrowed our cousin, Jaclyn's missionary nametag!  (She had just returned from serving in Guatemala!)  We kept laughing, because we stuck it on with tape and it kept falling off during the photo shoot!


It was fun to get to wear some of the missionary clothes we had been shopping for!!

      Mom got to jump into a couple of them, too!     

"Peru, here I come!!"
Is she ready for PERU, or what?!!
(Here she is with Peruvian flag, her Peruvian headband, llama,
and bag she got when she went to Peru!!)

It's such a joy to be Jennesa's Mom!

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