Saturday, November 15, 2014

Outings Before her mission!!

She made a countdown chain in the hallway by her bedroom,
as she was counting down the days!!
She really made good use of the time she had before she left!!

Here is what she did....

She planned outings with every single one of her family members before she left!
Lunch at Del Taco!!

Baptisms for the dead with Caden!

Orange Leaf Outing with Hunter!! 

Hangin' out in the hammocks with Bree!!

To the Woods Cross Football game!!

Shopping outing with Jarrett!!

(There were some scary looking people shopping in this store!!)

There was some reading and wrestling on the couch, too!

Pedicures and lots of fun shopping and lunches with Mom!!

Many running outings with Dad--
ending with a run to Elephant Rock!!

To the Ogden Temple Open House!

Hangin' with her little Jogi!!

Jarrett had written "Mishon Jenesas!" on his bedroom calendar for Oct. 7 when she was to leave on her mission!
Jennesa was sooo touched by this she took a picture of it!

They sure do love her!

She attended every Wood's Cross High School Cross Country meet before she left!  She was their biggest fan and loved watching Spencer, Caden, and her many teammates compete!

 Family hike and camping day.....

  ...with snowcones after!

During the summer, she worked at the snowcone shack
and the Bangerter farms harvesting produce!
Here are some fun farm photos!!
What a hard worker she is!!

The yummy "hand-stains" from the leather gloves!!

The arm rashes she would get
...especially when picking zucchini squash!

Baptisms for the dead all together!

Going to stay with Erin in the BYU dorms!!  So much fun!!
She also went and hung out with her cousin, Megan at BYU!

Sleepover outing with Aunt Sally! (My sister!)
To the movies and shopping!  Sooo much fun!

To the Parachute concert with Jacob, Kyle and Megan!!
She also went up and stayed in the dorms
at Utah State with Megan!

Visiting and playing with the Spackmans!

Saying goodbye to Elder Spackman!

General Conference at the Hardy Family Cabin!!

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