Monday, February 16, 2015

Surprise Texts--like manna from Heaven!!

 Feb. 13, 2014--This week we received a couple of texts from Hermana Mathis' Mom with these pictures...(It seriously was like manna from heaven! :-)  I don't know if Sister Mathis will truly know how much these meant to us!  What an angel!!)

She is there picking up her daughter, Hermana Mathis (far left) from her mission!  Hermana Mathis was in the other companionship who would eat all their meals together with Jennesa each day!  
This was taken the night after Jennesa's wonderful "pedicure"! :-)  (Sister Mathis said in her text, "We had a great time visiting with Jennesa. She is adorable".)

I was sooo excited to get her message and I told her if she sees her again, to give her a hug for me!  A couple of days later, we received another message and these pictures...

"She got your hug!  She is healthy and happy.  My daughter says she's a fighter, always working so hard and never offended but grateful when someone correct her Spanish."
Lunch with the Hermanas!  
(Jennesa is a little bit taller than the others, isn't she!?)

Looks like she even taught Hermana Guevara to do the "thumbs up"! :-)
The fun thing about this picture where they are hanging out, was for me to realize that they are all talking in Spanish!  :-)  Wow!

Jennesa with Hermana Mathis

Thank you, Sister Mathis for giving us the best surprise of our week!

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