Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #18 -- Zumba, PACKAGE from heaven!, Gissela!!, discurso y un pedicure!

Feb. 9, 2015:

Holy Camoly Familia y Amigos (Family and Friends) !!!!! How are you all?! Sure hope you´re doin' great!

Wow! Welp this is officially the first day of my mission that I am not in crazy?! Saturday...I completed 4 months of my mission...aaaahhhh...4 months already? So crazy! What a blessing that I am feeling a little more included here in the Peruvian culture and I kind of have a clue what is going on around me now...not a deer in the headlights anymore! :) Espanol (Spanish) is still tough...but I just have to remember my first day in the CCM (MTC--Missionary Training Center) and realize that I have learned a lot...but I still have a ton to learn. Whew! Luckily with the Lord all things are possible! everyone ready?  LISTO (READY)?! CAMBIO´S (TRANSFERS) were last night and guess what?!  Drum roll please......I am staying here in Laureles 3...but Hna. (Sister) Guevara is leaving! :( My madre (Mommy/trainer)!!!! But I am sure excited to meet my new companera (companion)...Hna. Huayton (pronounced Y-ton)! She is from Hna. Guevara´s group so she has been out for about 14 months and she is from Lima! She is coming tomorrow so right now Hna. Guevara and Hna. Ascencio are in a trio (threesome) because Hna. Mathis finished her mission this morning...and her parents are here! We got to meet them! So fun! So please pray for me because I am really nervous about leading my area...with directions...telling the taxi drivers where to go...knowing everyones' needs...etc! Whew! Gracias for all your prayers already! Just a little more specific! :) You are all the best! 

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Our last day of proselyting (shoot I can never remember how to spell this word) together! What a great madre (Mommy/trainer) Hermana Guevara was! She has taught me so much...and I hope I can be patient like she is! Our feet were sure sore...but we had to take pics anyway to document the occasion! After this we had yummy yogurt and yummy bread from where she is from! I am sure going to miss her! :( But she is so amazing and I will still get to see her each day! :)

Oh my heavens! Your package was the best ever! Seriously a package from heaven! The oils...sweaters...violin history book...treats and more! seriously thought of everything! Oh and the hymn! Neat experience...when I told Hna. Guevara that one was for her...she didn´t believe me...then when I showed her name on the note in it...she was so amazed she started crying...and she doesn´t cry often. We were able to hug and have a neat moment together because by this time we knew that she would be leaving to be a new Hermana Leader...but she is going to be Hna. Ascencio´s comp so she is still in my same ward and same pensionista(cook)! :) I also got a sweet package and a card from the Spackman family and a letter from Mimi y (and) Papa! Gracias (Thanks) to all! :) 

Our week was really low in numbers...but we were able to see some neat miracles...which was a blessing. The sweet lady with cancer who we visited last week passed away this week. One tender mercy though...was that I was able to play her favorite hymns for her funeral that we had sung to her during our visits. Very special. We were also able to find GISSELA!!!! Holy cow! What a milagro(miracle)! She actually lives in the area of the hermanas (Sister missionaries) that is a big bummer (we won't get to teach her)...but we found her. They had been kicked out of their house by the bank. :( Really sad...but we are working with her now and they were able to come to church with us yesterday! Oh speaking of church...I gave my first discurso (talk) in sacrament meeting yesterday! Whew! Very nerve-racking but the Spirit sure helped me...5 minutos (5 minutes) on the Plan of Salvation. I just told my pensionista (cook) to smile at me even if she couldn´t understand me! :)

Okie dokie!!!! Ready for the pedicure goes...Today was very adventurous...I went to the clinic to get my ingrown toenails taken out...we are in a trio right now (Hna. Ascencio Y Guevara).  So everything was normal and when the doctor started he did one side without was more than a little painful so I told him I would like anesthesia...usually needles are fine for me...I just don't like watching them.  But, my head started feeling really funny and the next thing I know I'm looking up at the ceiling with lots of people in the room and hospital beeps all around me...sooo not fun being disoriented!  I had passed out.  He finished and wrapped up my toes.  Sooo embarrasing...they wheeled me out in a wheelchair and I did not feel good at they brought me back in and checked me and my blood pressure was low so they did some kind of test on my heart and gave me an IV.  The doctor told me he thought I should stay for a day in the clinic...but by this time I felt fine and just needed a we got permission and left.  Whew, what a day!  So now I'm wearing my sandals and my toes are VERY sore!  I can't take the bandages off 'til we'll see how they are!

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Oh buddy! What an adventure in the clinic today! My delicate veins with the IV...they had to try twice to get it in. Hna Ascencio and Hna. Guevara took such great care of me. When I came out of my fainting...Hna. A fanned me with a Restoration pamphlet! :-) Haha! Oh and I forgot to say that the doctor kept saying OK...ready for your pedicure? Uh...worst pedicure of my life...but I played along and told him that I wanted my toes to be pink! Fun to be able to joke with him in Spanish! :) Whew! What an adventure...kind of scary...but what strength the Lord gives us in these situations! :) I am so grateful!

A neat experience I had this week was with one of our conversos recientes (recent converts), his Mom.  I took the initiative to invite her to baptism and after I explained that once you come to know the truth of these things for yourself...will you follow the example of Christ?...and there was a long moment of silence and I was really afraid that she hadn't understood me.  But, I waited and she answered no.  But, she had understood me!  It was a bummer but also a sweet tender mercy, as well!
Ate wawa's: a type of bread from Hna. Guevara's home!

-Packed up all of her weird! :(

-We were able to do zumba one morning...woke up early 5:45 am so I was really tired that day here are some of my funny quotes from that day! 
*Tiene un apellido? (Do you have a last name?)-to a taxi driver...ay ay ay!
*When explaining the dollar store to Hna. G-tienda de dolores (store of pain)
*In a lesson-estos mandamientos son regalos (reglas) (these commandments are gifts--rules)
*A type of ice cream-frio roca (cold rock) ...really frio rico (cold and tasty)! 
-Alma this thought...thus we see that the Lord worketh in many ways to the salvation of his people!Here is the scripture verse she shares at the end . . . "we see that the Lord worketh in many ways to the salvation of his people".

Hermana Coleman :D

Here is a photo of Sister Huayton (on the left), Jennesa's new companion.  This was taken on SisterHuayton's first day (with her trainer) in December 2013.

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Here is a photo of Sister Guevara and her new companion. 
 They are Sister Trainer Leaders (they help train and teach the other Sister missionaries).

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