Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #19 --Socks n' sandals...FELIZ DIA DE AMISTAD (Happy Friendship Day)! Templo (Temple)!

Hola Familia y Amigos (Family and Friends) !!!!!!! :) I sure do love you all...hope you had a wonderful Valentines and did something kind for someone else! :)

Wow! This week was sure long and quite the experience with having to lead the area...but it was also so fun to get to know my lovely new companera...HNA. (Sister) HUAYTON (She is the furthest on the left, black blouse in the photo below)!!!!! She is so amazing! She is so full of energy and love for each person she meets. To every person we teach, call, and sometimes even contact she always ends with "Le amamos mucho! (We love you so much)"...OK maybe not elders...but you get the idea! :) She is so full of positive energy and she is such an example to me! Durante este semana(During this week) I have found sticky notes in my planner of kind notes from her...I have come out of the bathroom in the mornings to find my bed already made...and EVERY single day she washes my feet and cleans my healing big toes and wraps them up with gauze! She is amazing! She loves to sing...she always jokes that she isn´t very good...but she never stops trying and learning more! What an amazing example to me! She is 22...she has 4 months left of her mission...and she is from Lima! 

Inline image 3
(A picture of Hermana Huayton when she first entered the mission!!)

Even though this week was tough and really tiring...we were also able to see some lovely miraclestambien (miracles too)! :) On Saturday we had planned a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with one of our menos activas (less active members) and her family...we were excited...I had my violin...and we even brought along a member with her daughter....but Yarira wasn´t home. We were really bummed...but as we were walking back to drop off our wonderful member companion a lady from across the street called out to us! She ran over with her two kids and asked about our church! She was really excited and wanted to know what time our meetings were. We told her and she got really excited and said she wanted to come tomorrow! So we figured out that Kethy (miembro[member]) could pick her up at 9:30 and walk to the church with her! Wow!!!! How exciting...but the best part was....she actually came!!!! to ALL 3 hours of church! Her kids were able to go to Primary and she was able to enjoy Relief Society! What a blessing! I had always heard about these experiences but I had never before quite had this was pretty neat! What a testimony that Heavenly Father places us in the paths of others to help and guide them to Him! 

Saturday night we were able to knock on the door of a lady, Amelia...we were actually searching for her daughter...but we actually ended up having a lesson with her. At first she was pretty duro (hard hearted) and her heart was closed but little by little she opened up to us and by the end she was crying and she shared a very special and sacred experience with us...the theme being that Jesus Christ is always with us...right by our sides! :) It was really neat...I hope that she can find the peace and happiness that she is searching for...because Hna. H told her she had great faith...she just needed to add a smile to it...but Amelia said that she couldn´t smile..."mas adelante" (in the future) she said. Poor thing...prayers for Amelia! :) The neat thing is that the Lord can help her! :)

Wow! Hna. Huayton and I have been called with about 10 other pairs of missionaries to help out in a booth in front of the temple for 3 hours about 2 or 3 times a month! So exciting! What a blessing!Hna. H had a great idea that I could bring my violin along and play for people! She loves telling people that I play! :)

-Said goodbye to Hna. Mathis on Wed! :( We sure do miss her...but what a blessing that I was able to spend 3 months with her! 
-Oh my heavens...Thursday I got tons of letters from the CCM (Missionary Training Center)! Ha ha! 
CCM: -Nate y Diana (Dear Elder), -Mimi y Papa (10 Oct), -Sis. Sterner (14 Oct), -Fam. Spackman (22 Sept), -Elder Spackman 
And a current letter from Sis. Gunnell! 
Thanks so much for all the support! What a fun surprise!!!! :)
-Proselyted in socks and sandals...ha ha! My socks were pretty nasty by the end of the day!

-We had chocolate pudding cake last night and all of us were pretty crazy and hyped up...Hna. Licha our pensionista (cook) probably thinks we are all a little loco (crazy)! :)
-Love this quote: "There are no second editions of our book of life--the pages are written as we live them. There will be no revisions except as we may make them by living better today than we did yesterday. Genuine repentance is as a blotter which takes up the mistakes of yesterday and removes them from our book of life through the atoning sacrifice of the Redeemer of the world." (Thanks for the quote Sister Gunnell)

Oh gosh...I sure do love you all! I so appreciate all your love and support! Couldn´t do it without you all and the Lord!

Con BASTANTE amor (with lots/tons of love)!
Hermana Coleman :D

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