Friday, May 22, 2015

A surprise for us!!

May 12, 2012:  Our Facebook Miracle!!

Landon posted the following on his facebook:  "This week Jennesa will begin to serves six hours every day except Friday and Sunday giving tours in the newly completed Trujillo Peru Temple . . . use link below to have a beautiful video tour and imagine Jennesa walking through this sacred temple!  The tour is so peaceful and beautiful . . . truly one of God's houses on Earth.

Well, a day or two later, Landon received a message from facebook with the following pictures!! 

It was a note from Sister Costa.  She had seen some of their mutual friends "like" his post about the Trujillo temple.  She sent us a little note saying that she was on her way to the Trujillo Temple Open house when she saw it!  Then she said, "Guess who was the first Sister I saw when I walked in the temple?...Sister Coleman!!"  She was so sweet and took this picture with her!  It absolutely made our day and we felt so grateful!!

 Hermana Coleman with Hermana Costa (wife of an Area Seventy who connected the video link above that I put on Face Book to our Hermana Coleman!
Tender mercies of the Lord!!

She also sent this one of Jennesa with her two new companions serving in the temple giving the tours!!
Jennesa with Hermana Maydana (from Bolivia) and Hermana Sarat (from Guatemala)
What beautiful young women serving the Lord valiantly!!

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