Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet note from another Hermana who returned home from her mission!!

May 18, 2015:

We received the following facebook message from Hermana Asencio. (She has returned home from her mission now and lives in Peru.)  She wasn't ever Jennesa's companion, but she was in the other companionship that ate all their meals with Jennesa for the first 24 weeks of Jennesa's mission in Peru!!
Here is her note translated into English the best I could with help of my broken Spanish and Google Translate!! :-)

"Jennesa is doing very well.  Before I left, I got to see her.  She has lost a little bit of weight, but that is because she is doing exercise, not because of being sick.  She looked really good.  In fact, next week, I'm traveling to Lima to go buy her temple clothes for her. I will send them to her.  But don't worry.  She is doing very good.  She is now training and is my favorite missionary!  I cried A LOT when I said goodbye to her.  All the members love her sooo much!"

Hermana Guevara, Hermana Huayton, Jennesa!, Hermana Ascencio!!

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