Monday, May 4, 2015

ENSERIO?!?! :D (Seriously?!?! Happy face sideways)

May 4, 2015:
We waited all day and then received this e-mail and 2 photos from Jennesa!!  She was in a meeting with all of the Sister Missionaries about serving as tour guides during the open house for the brand new Trujillo Peru Temple (see photo below).  The open house will go for weeks beginning on May 8th.  During this time the Temple is open to the public for tours.  On June 21st, this Temple will be dedicated.  Then it will be used for sacred ordinances like baptism for those who have already passed on and the sealing of couples and families (eternal marriage).  What a blessing! 

Dear amazing and fabulous family and friends!

Holy is SO crazy how quickly things can change in our lives...just wait for the news! :)

Oh my heavens! Today we were able to have an incredible experience as hermanas (Sister missionaries)...ALL of the hermanas in the whole mission were able to have a meeting together in preparation for the temple open house that is.....THIS WEEK!!!! 8 de Mayo (May 8th)!!! Holy Cowages! And the most amazing part was that as hermanas we were able to WALK THROUGH THE TEMPLE...not around it...not by it...THROUGH IT! With Elder Uceda, Elder Richards, their wives, and President Marler and Hermana Marler (Mission President and wife)! What an incredible and unforgettable is so beautiful...I didn´t realize how much I missed the wonderful feeling in the temple...the feeling that we are not in the world! :) The paintings are SO beautiful and I noticed that there are so many with Christ and the women that he helped and blessed in His life. 

Also Wow!!! so uh last night we received a CALL from Elder Brown (one of the assistants to President Marler). We knew that we were going to be receiving two new hermanas (Sister missionaries) in our zone and district so we were just awaiting to hear who the new hermanas in Laredo would be because they are going to be living with us! Which is going to be fun and interesting. What a huge and gigantic surprise when we found out that we would BOTH be training a new missionary! :D (sideways smiley face) We both experienced and are still experiencing all of the feelings imaginable with this special calling. I just need to always remember that the Lord has a plan for each one of us and He needs me to be a trainer along with Hna. Sarat at this time. What a humbling and overwhelming feeling but we were able to have a neat training this morning...we will see who our greenie daughter (new Sister missionary arriving from the Missionary Training Center this week, that we will train to be a missionary in the Peru Trujillo Mission) is on Wed! So excited! So 5 hermanas will be living in our apartment! :)

This week we were able to get really excited about the temple open house with handing out invitations we is so much fun to be able to talk to so many people each day! And these invitations have totally helped us in our goal of contacting 4 personas cada dia (four people every day) ...this is a struggle for us, because it always seems like we are running from one appointment to another. So we are doing better! Love it! :)

We were able to receive more strength this week in helping Hna. Dali...we prayed and are still praying that we will be able to talk to her parents about her decision to be baptized...because she has the desires...but they want her to be more mature. Her dad told her that she could probably be baptized in the next baptismal service. Poco a poco (little by little)...we are not going to give up. 

Wow...I am overwhelmed, excited, and nervous all at the same time for the many changes that are taking place...but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and He knows that I am ready to be molded some more in His hands to become a better working instrument...possibly a violin. ;) 

-This week I brought out my fuzzy socks and wore them with my sandals while we were waiting for cambios (transfers) and working on updating our Area Book! 

Inline image 1
Ha ha! I wanted to be comfy and finally use my fuzzy socks that I LOVE SO STINKIN´s been so hot lately so I haven´t used them...but it sure felt good! :)

-We were able to enjoy bananas with condensed milk! Oh so delicious!
-We were able to RUN...more like jog...every morning this week...menos Domingo (except not on Sunday)!

-We were able to take some fun pics this week of our reactions after we received THE CALL! :)
-Sweet Hna. South wrote me a handwritten letter and I got it this it she talked about this scripture...that I LOVE! :)
John 21:25 "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen."
How incredible right?! It really is all about the little things! Because by little things are great things brought to pass!

Sure love you all and remember that you are all making a difference in the lives of others...whether you know it or not!


Hermana Coleman :D

I am so excited to get to talk to you all this Sunday! How quick time flies! And what an amazing blessing that Pres. Marler lets us talk for a whole hour!!!! :)

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