Friday, May 22, 2015

Another Surprise and Tender Mercy for us!!

May 18, 2015:
We received the following letter on our email this morning!!

"Hi . . . This is Ray Hansen from Utah.  My son and I visited the Trujillo Temple Open House last week.   Your daughter was our guide translating what the regular tour guide was saying in each room of the temple.  She just radiated the spirit and was so helpful the hour we were at the temple.  When she spoke to others in Spanish, it seemed very natural for her.  As you can see in the attached photos, see is a healthy, happy, servant of the Lord far away from home.  She made our visit to the temple so very special. Thank you for your sweet missionary daughter.

Sincerely,   Brother Hansen"

This is one of the pictures he sent us!  It's always so fun to get pictures!!
Displaying image.png

What an answer to prayers this email was for me!!  I had been worrying about her being sick and praying that she could start feeling better and was just pleading with Heavenly Father ever since we talked with her on Mother's Day!  This was such a comfort for me!  Bro. Hansen truly was an instrument in the Lord's hands in answering my prayers!

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