Friday, May 22, 2015

Week #31 -- Wow! So fun to SEE and TALK to you guys! :)

May 11, 2015:

Mom, Dad, Spence, Caden, Hunt, Bree, and Jar! :)

I sure love each of you so stinkin much! What an amazing blessing that I was able to actually talk to you all! 

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We were able to get ready for our new missionary for 2 days before we met her! We weren't sure what language she we did things in both! :) So fun to get her desk all cute and ready with treats and notes and her bed too! She loved it! We had so much fun doing it together too! Hermana Sarat is the best! And so is Hermana Maydana! there are days that I feel like Spanish is doing really good...but there are also moments, or lessons, or even days where I am pretty sick of Spanish and I just wish I could talk in English and express EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT that came to my head...without having to think of the words I need to ask how to say or describe one word that I don´t know...with about 10! ja ja! Oh sure is a struggle at times...but that is how we are able to be molded in the hands of the Lord right?! :) 
So training...what an adventure!

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Jennesa with the other Elders and Sisters in the mission home--called to serve as trainers (to train a new missionary)

  Jennesa smiling on the third row waiting for her new companion to be assigned (ended up being Hermana Maydana from Bolivia!!--on the front row in the light blue blouse on the far right).  It appears that she and her companion, Hermana Sarat, will train Hermana Maydana together this transfer--and then Sister Sarat goes home to Guatemala and Jennesa will finish the last six weeks of the 12-week training period!

 What a blessing to have Hna. Sarat with me helping me with her experience...cuz like a told you all...she has had 2 other daughters! :) I have realized that I need to be much more patient with Hna. Maydana...because she doesn't have trouble with the times I forget that she is a greenie and I just think that she should know everything about the mission life. I really need to think less about myself and more about her. Being in a trio is reminds me of the good old elementary school days when I had a group of 2 friends playing at our house and ALWAYS someone was left out...well not always...but ya know. So it definitely has it's struggles...but it has it's benefits too! :) And it kind of bugs...because Hna. Maydana is really touchy...she is soooosweet...but she loves to hold onto my arm or stand really close to me or even lean on me while we're standing while working on the temple sounds dumb...but it really bugs. So I'm really trying to work on my patience! :) 

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At the temple with our new missionary! Hna. Maydana! She is 21 and from Bolivia! She is super sweet and so loving and willing to learn and work hard! What a neat experience to be able to be guided through the temple by Presidente and his sweet wife and to be able to take some fun pics afterwards! :) WHOOOO HOOO! What a blessing temples are! :) I sure love you all!

Oh so after I put forth all my might and pushed the "end call" button on Skype all these different things came to my mind that I forgot to do or say! 
Here are the ones I can think of right now...
-Play my violin for especially for mothers day
-Show Bree that her awesome bracelet is still going strong! I have been wearing it ever since you gave it to me Bree! Are you still wearing yours?
-Dad..I felt really didn't have a turn to talk! :( So sorry! 
-Take a picture of you all! :( With me! Bummer! I even ran back to our apartment to grab my camera.
-Wish you mom and dad a happy happy anniversary tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful day! (23 wonderful years down and forever to go!)
-And probably more...I wish I could have talked to you each more! But ya know! I still LOVED every single minute of it! :) I even went over 10 minutes! yipes!

Wow...another thing that is so stinkin hard on the mission is time! There is so little of it...especially now with the temple open house! We have 6 hour shifts everyday except for Fridays and Sundays! Oh my heavens tabesty! I love it...but it is tough for our areas...for our studies...and things like that! I also have fallen into the ugly pit of not writing in my journal...ughh! But what a blessing that I have emails...and I use a 3x5 card and try to write the things that happened that day by scrunching it into 2 lines...then at least I have those to write and catch up on my journal...but it stinks cuz I don't remember all of the neat experiences I I need to make time...but really...I don't know how! :/ Dad...any advice? Cuz we are also supposed to be reading the LDM (Book of Mormon) to finish it in the 6 20 de mayo like Hna. Marler told us...while circling the references of Jesucristo. I love it...but yet again...little time! But PACIENCIA (patience)! :) What a blessing to have the time I have as a missionary here in good ole Trujillo!

-So the zone leaders bought us a shower curtain...and we were so excited right? Cuz it was cute! And we went to put it up but they bought it without the rings to hook it yeah...our water still sprays and gets our floor all wet...ja ja! (ha ha!)
-Hna. Maydana is a great amazing that she hasn't even had a week yet!

-Oh my heavens...both of my comps think my eyes are scary sometimes...we were talking one time and Hna. Maydana said they look like eyes of a dog with rabies! ja ja! oh dearest!
-Love this thought!
"Don't walk...RUN! to receive the blessings of our Father." "How we live our religion is much more important than what we say about our religion" -Robert D. Hales

Mom...I would love any cute blouses you can send! :) the 3D flowers or things like that! :) You are the all are the bestest ever! :)
Thanks for praying for me and worrying about me! My stomach...will get better! Lots of prayers and I need to be better about taking my medicine! :)

Hermana Coleman :D

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